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   Chapter 202 Leader Of The Demonic Sect

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 10223

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No way, no way, it's impossible, it's impossible that the flower above her can appear here at all. There is only one place where such a flower is in the world, but that's more impossible, she can't find it. '.

Looking at Lian Xing who shook her head and muttered something funny, Yun Canglan said with a faint smile, "Lian Xing, I should call you the hierarch, the hierarch of demonic cultt.".

Lian Xing glared at Yun Canglan, "what nonsense are you talking about? I don't understand.".

Canglan touched the beautiful and coquettish flowers on her head and said, "you're welcome. Admit it. You are the hierarch of demonic cult.".

"No, I am not!" Lian Xing still denied.

"You are!"

"No, I am not!"

"You are!"

"No, I am not!"

"You are not!"

"Yes, I am!"

Canglan clapped her hands and said, "that's right!"

Lian Xing's face changed as she suddenly realized that she was strapped. "You are bypassing me? !"

Of course I won't cut the crap? "I am just telling the truth.".

She picked the flower from her head and put it under her nose, sniffing it intentionally or unintentionally. At the same time, the flower twirled in her hand. "I'm afraid it was your scheme to save you three years ago. There was no place for you to stay after your father died. Although your birth was perfect, but three years later, you gave yourself away. Your uncle and aunt arranged in the small city are in your place.I have asked someone to look into it and then them moved away quickly. The neighbors told me that they moved there before I saved you several days ago. Obviously, you arranged it. You just want me to investigate you. ".

Lian Xing goggled at Yun Canglan, speechless with surprise. She didn't expect that Yun Canglan was so careful. Three years had passed, but Yun Canglan still sent people to investigate her.

Yun Canglan continued, "the demonic cult Mietian was set up by your father,. He was too cruel and evil, and he was stained with the blood of many warriors. Under the lead of the leader of the world commercial alliance, your father was killed at the peak of the Ming mountain in the Si kingdom. From then on, Mietian disappeared. Everyone thought Mietian was under destruction, but they didn't know that he had a daughter, that's you, Lian Xing! "

The flower in Yun canglan's hand had a strange fragrance. She looked at the flower in her hand with her blurred eyes and said, "this flower is called poppy. Am I right?"

Lian Xing was shocked again, "you knew the poppy. How did you know that?"? If she could get this flower, was she already

"How did I get it, do you want to know?" Yun Canglan looked at her sideways, "have you heard of Buye Tower? It's said that sometimes the emperor wore an underwear, sometimes a black mole on the bottom of whose daughter was not known by Buye Tower, and everything about you Lian Xing and your father, is in my hands now. However, your palace is really hidden in a sea of poppy flowers. Even if someone is looking for it, when the person reaches the entrance, no one d

rm in front of his rival.

Shui Minghan furrowed his eyebrows. He had expected that Yun Canglan would choke him to death, but when he heard it from her mouth, he couldn't help but feel pain. However, Canglan's choice was clear now. Not long after, everyone in the world would receive the announcement of marriage. He missed it in the end.

Huo Liuyun looked at Yun Canglan, eyes full of affection. His lips slightly moved, but he didn't open his mouth. The four men here were all virtuous and talented. They all loved Canglan deeply, but she had only one, and he was the worst of all. What if they had two children? Now their children didn't want to call him Dad intimately. He and Canglan had turned their backs against each other for so long.

Qin Liuren still couldn't believe that she was really getting married. She told him she was going to marry another man. Did she really forget everything half a month ago? 'forget it, he doesn't believe it, he doesn't believe that she is really so heartless, no?' but the indifference and alienation in her eyes made him unable to deceive himself. Did it mean that he really had no chance at all.

The three men were equally handsome. One was as cold as a sword, one was as cold as ice; the other was gentle and elegant. There were few men who had the same appearance in the world. But the three men all wore a sad face.

"Canglan, are you serious getting married? " Huo Liuyun couldn't help asking, with expectations and expectations in his eyes, but he was not confident.

Yun Canglan blinked and spoke indifferently: "of course, there are only a few gentlemen like Tianyan.I will be snatched soon.'.

Lei Tianyan smiled and inadvertently kissed Yun Canglan on the head, posing a threat to Huo Liuyun.

Huo Liuyun felt a heartache and looked down dejectedly, "but, what about Kuang'er and Ye'er?" To be honest, he didn't have the confidence to say that.

Yun Canglan looked at him with a painful look, "don't you think that you will be more painful if they make choose ?"

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