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   Chapter 201 Lei Tianyan's Wedding

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 9969

Updated: 2020-01-06 00:06

Early in the morning, a strange atmosphere spread over the imperial palace of the Si Kingdom. The seventh prince, Lei Tianyan, who was the favorite of the emperor, was getting married today. The whole kingdom was in an uproar. After all, he was the fiance of the Crown Princess. However, the topic of the wedding was not aimed at the Crown Princess, but a little maid in the Crown Princess's palace. Countless copies, the legend was spreading around the palace.

Women complained that the Crown Princess was honest and stereotyped. The seventh Prince couldn't bear the loneliness and had an affair with another women, which made the little maid pregnant. In a fit of anger, the Crown Princess canceled the engagement.

According to one of the strong men, the seventh Prince was the most beautiful person in the world. He couldn't stand the average looks of the Crown Princess, and this little maid was very likely to be such a beautiful person.

According to street girls, the maid snatched the seventh Prince from the Crown Princess by force and snatched her Kung Fu, but the other people in the world despised her, because she robbed the man of the Crown Princess.

The merchant family said that the Crown Princess of the Can Kingdom was the owner of Fengyun Firm and now the Crown Princess of the Si Kingdom. They understood it hurt a man's weak self-esteem.

The rapist said that the Crown Princess was farsighted and ambitious. But it was Yun Canglan, the biggest idiot in the world, who died four years ago. The seventh Prince might dislike the Crown Princess, but there was no need to marry a little maid.

Early on, the people outside the palace were waiting for today's weird wedding. Their Crown Princess Yun Canglan had been snatching and snatching since she was a child, and in a rage, she even snatched the seventh Prince.

All the maids and eunuchs were well prepared in the palace, and every smile was faked. They couldn't figure out what was going on between the master and the empress.

Early in the morning, when the maids and eunuchs just got up to clean and prepare, a red figure appeared in the Yeyun palace. The woman sneaked out of the Yeyun Palace, looked around, and wrapped himself in his cloak, like a thief with a fishy sense of triumph.

In the Qingyan Palace, the red candles had already been extinguished. Lian Xing put on the wedding robe and covered her head, then waited quietly on the bed. The maids and eunuchs tried their best to shrink to the corner, as they were not sure whether they should congratulate Lian Xing or scold her. There was only one old lady by Lian Xing's side, but she still had a pair of sharp and resolute eyes.

The envoys from the other six kingdoms rushed over as they thought it was the wedding of the Crown Princess. They it wss for the prince to get married at last. On the wedding day, the prince didn't even need to worship the temple, and they could directly take the bride to their bedroom. Th


Huo Liuyun bit his lip and looked away. He didn't want to hurt himself, but he still felt heartbroken when he didn't look at her. Why wasn't Lei Tianyan firm in his mind when he set up a trap for her by all means.

Qin Liuren's body was enveloped by a cold aura. He wasn't angry; he was remorseful; he was heartbroken. Why didn't know it as clearly as Lei Tianyan? Why didn't he understand what he wanted and who he loved? It was too late for him to make it clear.

Yun canglan gazed at Lei Tianyan. She was moved by his words.

Lian Xing suddenly lifted the red veil, and a messy and ugly face fortunately wore a veil. She looked at Lei Tianyan and Yun Canglan in surprise, and there was no time to hide the resentment in her eyes.

"Why not?" Why it wasn't her? What did she do wrong? Why couldn't she compete with Yun Canglan.

Lei Tianyan threw away the red silks in his hand without hesitation and shrugged, "I don't like the smell of you.".

The ministers were knocked down, and our seventh prince, it doesn't matter if you don't like the smell of this woman. Please don't say it until now. You have put us to death. Now we can only pray that the Crown Princess has poor eyes and doesn't see them.

Or perhaps they didn't come for harley or anything else, they just for fun.

Lian Xing's chest heaved deeply. She didn't know what to say. He didn't like the taste of her body, nor the smell on her body. Since he didn't like it, why didn't he tell her earlier? Oh, no

Lian Xing turned her eyes and suddenly saw Yun Canglan with a faint smile. She felt as if she was in a trap.

Yun Canglan thought it was the right time. She gently dusted off the dust on her body and walked towards Lian Xing. Before Yun Canglan approached Lian Xing, Lian Xing was already surprised with her eyes wide open, and her body trembled.

"What's wrong? You felt this scenarios is familiar."

Lian Xing staggered two steps backward, her eyes still filled with disbelief.

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