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   Chapter 200 Yun Canglan's Past (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5474

Updated: 2020-01-05 00:36

On the third day, they had no food at all. The girl began to feel hungry and pass out, but the boy's face was as red as usual. On the fourth day, the girl was hungry and sleepy, while the boy was still smiling and encouraging her in her ear. On the fifth day, when the girl was about to give up, they heard the aircraft circling above their heads. The girl suddenly came to her senses, She laughed and said to the boy, "we are saved." the boy laughed and said to her, "it's me." then, he stabbed a fruit knife into her abdomen, turned around and walked out without hesitation. Heartbroken, she used her last strength to lift the jacket covering her legs. There were only two bones left... "

Lei Tianyan held Yun Canglan in his arms and went blank. He was surprised and distressed. He had never known she had suffered such a pain. No wonder she hated deception and betrayal most, because she had been mercilessly cheated and betrayed.

Yun Canglan continued: "then I died, but somehow I was reborn with memories of my previous life. The first person I saw when I woke up was Huo Liuyun. For me, this is a strange world, but it is also a world that I am reborn. But I am not reconciled, I am not reconciled. Why did he eat my flesh? I am dead, but he is still alive. I am back from a world where he is alive.At the moment I was born, I swore that I would go back to take revenge on him. I heard from Fearless Armor that if I want to go back, I have to unify the world and find seven men with red feathers. That's why I started. ".

Lei Tianyan held Yun Canglan even tighter. At this moment, he didn't know what to say. He had never tho

angry. He looked at Yun Canglan with a hopeful expression, his hands tightly hugging her.

After a long time, when Yun Canglan felt the strawberry land was very plump, she finally stopped. Lei Tianyan gently kissed her on the forehead. He was happy that the little tiger who vent her anger because of jealousy was for him.

"Yes, I was drunk. I called Canglan's name, and Lian Xing was a stand in for" Xi Yun ". She was right." Lei Tianyan laughed recklessly, "I slept with her, and when I woke up the next day, she was lying on my bed. I took her clothes as a bowl, and held them tight to vomit the whole night." In fact, she believed it .He only wanted to comfort her.

Yun Canglan went into his arms silently.

"It's almost dawn. You should go back to the Qingyan Palace. Today is your wedding.".

Lei Tianyan was surprised, then smiled, "I see. Women are so mean."

In the Qingyan Palace, Lian Xing put on the wedding robe with joy in the early days, wearing a smug and happy smile on her face. She quietly sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for the moment of the wedding.

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