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   Chapter 199 Yun Canglan's Past (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-05 00:25

After stepping out of Yun Canglan's bedroom, Yun Qin saw Shui Minghan standing there lonely, and then he saw Yun Qi standing next to him.

Mister Wu Hen was called move fast and fight fiercely with a frosty look. He should have been a proud man, called Jianghu hero. However, when he met Yun Canglan, no matter how proud he was, he could only be sad and happy when he fell in love with Yun Canglan. He never thought that one day, Mister Wu Hen would beg his rival to save his beloved woman, without his self-esteem. There was no difference between being humbled in front of others and being trampled under their feet, but he had actually done it.

He suddenly realized that Shui Minghan was not as irritating as he thought. After all, he really loved Yun Canglan.

Inside the room, the sound of groans came from within. Yun Qin and Yun Qi were at ease. Shui Minghan, standing outside the room, was at a loss what to do.

What a familiar scene! He stood outside the door for several times, listened to the intimate interactions between Canglan and Mister Lei Tianyan. At that time, Yun Qin and Yun Qi took him as a joke. But now, they couldn't even laugh out. Seeing him standing there with a sad and miserable look, they couldn't help but feel heartbroken.

"Mistress, what have you done?".

After made love, Yun Canglan regained her consciousness. She breathed heavily, rested her head on Lei Tianyan's chest and felt his heart beating for her. Happiness spread slowly.

Lei Tianyan looked at her with a doting smile and asked, "Canglan, are you shy?"

Canglan was indeed shy. She didn't expect that he not only came, but also explained their misunderstanding, and

d the snow cracking, the girl had hurt her leg. The boy had carried her back into a cave inside the snow mountain. The cave was very cold, and they didn't have much food, except for a piece of chocolate. The girl was scared. 'will we die here?' 'The boy comforted her with a smile: 'no, we won't. someone will come to save us."Then she asked," I don't feel my leg. Will my leg be disabled? 'The boy still laughed. He took off his coat gently and covered the coat on her legs, saying, "no, I'll take you to the best hospital after we get out. Even if you are disabled, I'll be your legs later. In the first day, they had been hungry for a whole day. The next day, the boy took out chocolate and gave it to the girl. The girl asked him what to do, and he said with a smile that he was not hungry... "

Lei Tianyan suddenly felt her body trembling in his arms. It was not a cold, but fear. He didn't say anything and just held Yun Canglan tighter, indicating that she was not afraid of anything with his actions.

Yun Canglan paused as she felt the safe temperature. She smiled without being noticed and became less afraid.

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