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   Chapter 198 A Heartbreaking Moment

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"Yun Canglan is waiting for you."

It was hard for him to say something like that, but he couldn't bear to see Yun Canglan hurt her so obstinately. He couldn't do it. Since he couldn't do it, so what if he was painful? At least, he could see her.

He fondled the wrist by the other hand slowly, and his black sleeve covered the part of the wrist, where a red feather belonged to her.

He didn't know why she always wanted to see the birthmark on his wrist before. Later when his feather bloomed slowly, he knew that she was looking for someone who had her feather, and the feather wouldn't bloom unless the person was fall in love with her completely.

He knew her so early, but the red feather at the corner of Lei Tianyan's eyes bloomed earlier than him. It was because he understood too late.

Lei Tianyan's eyes brightened, but soon darkened. "Since when did Mister Wu Hen become so kind?"

They always satirized and mocked each other at the same time when they met. When could they have a calm mind to talk with each other like this.

Shui Minghan said coldly, "No matter in the past or in the future, you are the only one that Yun Canglan wants to marry tonight. No one is allowed to enter the Yeyun Palace now, except you. If you don't go, She will not let anyone to help her.".

Yun Qi frowned and walked to Lei Tianyan, "Mister Lei Tianyan, do you know how Yun Canglan went over the past two months?"

Lei Tianyan raised his eyebrows? Wasn't Yang Gezhi stayed with her? Or Qin Liuren?

"Three months ago, we followed Mistress to the Ling Kingdom. There was a Scorching Sun Grass growing in an abandoned yard of the Royal Palace of the Ling Kingdom. When the poison came out, it was as if it was the fire Sanskrit burning, but it was cold in fact. The Scorching Sun Grass was a good medicine to suppress the poison in her body, and Yun Qin and I made it into three pills. Two months ago, our master relied on the Scorching Sun Elixir to suppress the poison. The Scorching Sun Elixir could have been used to hold one last month, but our master destroyed the last Scorching Sun Elixir. ".

Lei Tianyan went blank, with confusion in his eyes. His eyelashes misted in the chilly night.

"Mister Tianyan, do you want to know why her would arrived in the Ling Kingdom and what happened after you left? After you left, Yun Canglan had been in a trance for a period of time, holding the lotus bag and jade pendant you left in her hand. During that period, the most important in her eyes was the pear tree in the yard. Later, on a full moon night, she dismissed Yun Qin and I, she disappeared. Don't you understand? She didn't want to hurt you, so she left secretly. She didn't want us to find another man for her. ".

Yun Qi was reluctant to mention that, because it also explained that they were not dutiful to protect there Mi

sweat. His eyes were full of love. He walked towards her slowly, because he could hear his heart beating crazily.

He was afraid that all this was fake, and what Canglan had done for him was fake.

When he came in, he saw a forced smile on Canglan's face. It filled of comfort and trust.

In the end, she won in the bet. He couldn't let her go anyway.

When he got close to the bed, the coldness on his body immediately attracted Canglan the completely out of her mind. She grabbed Lei Tianyan's hand with all her strength and without any woman's reserved, her body was moving toward the ice in his hand.

The emotion in Lei Tianyan's eyes turned into a deep love. He gently kissed the hot forehead, and his body was gradually ignited by Yun Canglan's hands.

"Canglan, I won't let you go. Don't regret it!" Lei Tianyan turned over with a charming smile and pressed his body against hers.

"Umm..." Feeling the coolness, Yun Canglan turned on a light groan unconsciously. Lei Tianyan smirked and blocked her mouth without hesitation. He didn't move his hand from her body.

He removed all the obstacles skillfully, smelled the milk drop by drop in her burning body bit by bit, and explored it bit by bit. As for Canglan, she was not shy at all. Instead, she was very bold. She was burned by the fire in her body, and the only remedy was that she felt cold on her body. But she wanted more. Without hesitation, she grabbed his clothes with her small hands casually and tore off his clothes. Every piece of them fell to pieces on the ground.

Lei Tianyan smiled bitterly, but looked more spoiled, "Canglan, I didn't expect you to like this." his evil smile affected her and was willing to fall in love with her.

The candlelight had already gone out, and the room was completely dark. However, the cold moonlight outside the window dyed the fluttering bed curtain a little erotic.

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