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   Chapter 197 She Is Waiting For You (Abuse)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 10131

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The night was hazy, and the dark curtain covered the entire ground. A bleak autumn wind blew, and the cold air enveloped the entire Yeyun Palace. There were few stars hanging in the sky, which brightened the moon and made it more lonely.

In the Yeyun Palace, Yun Canglan was standing at the door wearing a white dress, but she stubbornly didn't add more clothes, nor went back to guard the stove. She stared at the gallery not far from where she lived but didn't find the one she was looking forward to.

"Mistress, let's go back. It's almost midnight." Yun Qin and Yun Qi stood behind Yun Canglan. They were worried and helpless.

Yun Canglan kept silent and stared at the corridor.

She didn't believe, and ultimately didn't believe that Tianyan would really be so cruel.

Suddenly, a fit of dizziness came over her. Her face turned pale and her body was unable to support herself. Fortunately, Yun Qin and Yun Qi came forward to hold her timely.

What a familiar feeling! At the beginning, she was gradually weak, and then her whole body became weak. Then, her heart began to burn a fire. The more it burned, the more fiercely it would be burned. If she didn't feel a little cool, she didn't know if she would have a chance to know by this or Sanskrit fire tonight.

"Mistress, let's go back." Yun Qin and Yun Qi frowned. They were very worried and felt an unusual heat rising from Yun Canglan.

"You can wait in the bedroom.".

They didn't understand why Mister Tianyan insisted on getting married with another person even though he couldn't forget Yun Canglan. Yun Canglan had known she couldn't forget Mister Tianyan too, but she couldn't stay with Mister Tianyan. Was it so difficult for Yun Canglan to stay with Mister Tianyan?

Yun Canglan still didn't say anything. She held Yun Qin's sleeves so as not to fall, but her eyes didn't leave the direction he would appear.

The full moon was emitting brilliant light as much as one could. A faint halo around it slowly took shape. Tomorrow, there would be strong wind.

The wedding would be held tomorrow.

What was he doing now?

In the Qingyan Palace, the door had already been closed. The eunuchs and maids who were in endless anxiety and panic had already fallen asleep. Even the little maids who were on duty at night couldn't help falling asleep due to tiredness. However, in Lei Tianyan's bedroom, a tall figure held a long shadow on the windowsill.

Lei Tianyan wore a middle coat and a red cloak on his shoulder. The fiery red figure was perfectly normal.

He stared blankly at the full moon in the sky, his face was as beautiful as the sun and moon. His beautiful spindly eyes were filled with deep struggle and contradiction.

He was stayed with her at full moon night every time. But how should they do at this full moon night?

He remembered that day when she hastily ran away and left the words, "Anyone who dares to enter the Yeyun Palace must be killed, except you!"

What on earth did she want to do? Why did

e didn't know if he was doing the right thing. Maybe the mistress would kill him when she woke up tomorrow, but he had to do it.

But Shui Minghan didn't give him the chance. His cold handsome face was seized by pain, and his tall figure looked a little pathetic. "Don't bother. I'll go right now." After saying this, he turned around and staggered in dismay.

"Water..."Before Yun Qin could finish his words, Shui Minghan had already left the room.

As the night grew longer, the moon became round. The cold light mixed with the moonlight hurt three people in two palaces all night.

Inside the Qingyan Palace, the long shadow was still standing on the windowsill. Looking at the bright full moon in the night sky, the sadness on his face turned to despair.

It was midnight. He resisted the urge to rush out, but she didn't come to him. Did this mean that there was already another man who had entered the Yeyun Palace to heal her pain tonight.

She said, "Except you, anyone who dares to enter the Yeyun Palace must be killed!"

It was only a joke after all. She said she didn't want to die. So this time, it was the same. She wouldn't die.

It was late at night and the wind had become cold. Her red cloak was stained with cold sweat, and a thin mist congealed on her black satin like hair. Lei Tianyan sighed and closed the window slowly.

As he turned around, he saw two figures appearing in the room suddenly. Lei Tianyan went blank, and the two figures seemed to be staring at each other.

"Why are you here?" Should he appear in the Yeyun Palace, or the person tonight was not him, but Huo Liuyun or Qin Liuren?

Shui Minghan scanned Yun Qi's body and then slowly turned his head. He stared at Lei Tianyan coldly.

"I just came out of the Yeyun Palace.".

Lei Tianyan gave a bitter smile. He was right.

"Yun Canglan asked Yun Qin to kill me.".

Lei Tianyan suddenly raised his head in shock.

Shui Minghan looked away and said coldly, "Yun Canglan is waiting for you.".

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