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   Chapter 196 Close the Door and Unleash the Dog

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 8016

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The news that the Si Kingdom's Crown Princess Xi Yun was Feng Yun'er, the owner of the Fengyun Firm quickly spread across the seven countries in the two continents. Meanwhile, some people deliberately revealed that Feng Yun'er was Yun Canglan of the Can Kingdom, who died three years ago but now was back from the dead. For a while, the biggest idiot in the world three years ago became the goal of the ambitious people in jianghu, who were either for the reward of 100, 000 taels of gold, or from the royal family of the seven countries in the hope of killing Yun Canglan and taking her Fengyun Firm. As a result, the Si Kingdom became the center of the storm.

Thus, Yun Canglan, the subject of the affair, was not at peace in the imperial palace of the Si Kingdom.

At this time, she was sitting at the bedroom door, with a bright burning stove on her left and a small wooden table on her right. The table was covered with steaming Chinese forest frog soup and some appetizing dainty snacks.

She wore a thick fur cloak, and the furry collar made her look noble.

Shui Minghan stood quietly beside her, emitting the harsh air that enveloped her, just as a few years ago, when he returned from his kungfu training and protected her as the personal bodyguard.

It seemed as if everything was the same as before.

Suddenly, Yun Canglan rolled her eyes and said, "Again."

As she said this, dozens of shadows fell from the sky, all dressed in black, with black veils, armed and full of killing intent.

"Are you here to kill me?" Was the Fengyun Firm or the 100, 000 taels of gold really that tempting?

The leader warned first, "Yun Canglan, today is your last day. Go to hell!"

Ignoring them, Yun Canglan just watched in boredom as a battle began in the vast open space inside the palace.

The door of the Yeyun Palace was closed, and two children stood outside. They didn't seem to hear the fighting inside the palace, their adorable little faces raised, and looked curiously at a man who had been out there.

Huo Liuyun was thrilled to see the two cute kids. Before they came out, he had been standing there for a long time, for he had no courage to go in the palace. Now, the three of them began to look at each other.

He couldn't tell what he was feeling. When he first learned that Yun Canglan had given him two children, he had a feeling of unspeakable excitement. Befor

Han, our mom is a bad mom. Grandpa Yan said the bad mom was a stepmother."

Yun Canglan threw her head back and pretended that it was none of her business, but when she heard her son's words, she was furious. 'Damn it, what did that old man teach my son?'

"You're fine. It doesn't hurt. I'll blow the pain away." Shui Minghan gave her a disgruntled look, and then appeased the children.

Huo Liuyun, with one foot in the Yeyun Palace, just saw this scene. Immediately, a bitter smile appeared on his face, and the pain in his heart was getting worse. What a happy family! The man standing next to them was supposed to be him, but he destroyed it himself.

'It's my fault! It serves me right!' he cursed himself silently.

It wasn't long before Yun Qin and Yun Qi finished with the assassin. Unexpectedly, Yun Canglan was so kind that she agreed to arm them before they asked again.

But then their ecstasy was destroyed by her.

"I'll borrow the weapons first, but they are still yours." Yun Canglan said, not caring about their reactions.

The Swords Hill suddenly announced to the world that there were two unique weapons showing up and that they were looking for the right masters for the two weapons.

Therefore, the jianghu boiled up again.

Anyone who studied kungfu wanted a unique weapon. The Swords Hill was the best in forging weapons in the world. Their announcement clearly was to give everyone a chance. So who would foolishly give up such a good chance?

As soon as the announcement was made, a large number of heroes rushed to the Swords Hill of the Si Kingdom.

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