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   Chapter 194 Assassins at the Banquet

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 9356

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The welcoming banquet held for the envoys from the other six kingdoms turned out to be thrilling. Within an hour, three surprising truth were revealed. Firstly, Crown Princess Xi Yun announced she was in fact Feng Yun'er, boss of the Fengyun Firm. She was also Yun Canglan, well-known in the Can Kingdom who had been thought dead. No one had ever thought the biggest idiot in the world would become a legend. Now, she was indescribably beautiful and controlled the Si Kingdom's economic lifelines. Even half of the economy in the world was dominated by the Fengyun Firm.

Secondly, although the Emperor of the Feng Kingdom said in a friendly tone, the officials realized he had been pitting himself against their Crown Princess. They were observant because they had seen too many schemes. They thought, 'Why did he looked sad? That was odd. Is it possible that he was frustrated being overwhelmed by our great Crown Princess?'

Lastly, the most astonishing news was announced. The seventh prince appeared just after the Crown Princess admitted she would marry him. But he claimed to marry a little maid in the Imperial Palace.

'We know that maid. She was caught in the unholy act at the Yeyun Palace a few days ago. Several officials had witnessed that scene. If she is to marry the seventh prince, she would have cuckolded him. Could it be said that he didn't hear about it? She should have been sentenced to death. The Crown Princess tried to intercede for her, so her face had been disfigured as a punishment. Now even an ugly girl is much prettier than her. Why did the seventh prince make a huge mistake marrying her?'

Lei Tianyan didn't cast a glance at Yun Canglan since he showed up. On the contrary, her eyes followed Lei Tianyan unblinkingly. Clenching her fist, she didn't hear all the comments and conjecture and took no notice of the suspicious looks. Perhaps grief fogged her eyes.

Lei Tianyan felt two people watching him. Though he knew who they were, he managed not to turn around in case he would change his decision.

The aloof Shui Minghan stared at Lei Tianyan angrily, but he had more pity for Yun Canglan. He knew Yun Canglan was determined to marry Lei Tianyan, so she had admitted the wedding ceremony was held for Lei Tianyan and her. He thought, 'Lei Tianyan had loved Canglan very much. What has caused his giving up?'

Huo Liuyun was bewildered by Yun Canglan who appeared as the Crown Princess. He thought, 'I missed her three years ago and didn't participate her life. Until now, I realize I never know her. She is ambitious, intellectual and good at planning; she has various identities; she has powerful forces. Moreover, she had sweet and touching memories with different lovers. When I heard she was not Lei Tianyan's betrothed, I was happy. But judging f

re common assassins. It's not easy to put poison in the meal, is it? Is it possible for ordinary assassins dressed up as dancers to enter the Imperial Palace?

"Canglan, what do you think?" Emperor of the Si Kingdom asked after he calmed down. The officials also got over their shock and felt grateful for the guards of the Crown Princess saving their life. Without them, they had been died on the spot.

Yun Canglan scanned the six envoys from the other six kingdoms with wrinkled eyebrows and asked, "Did you find the targets of the assassins when they attacked?"

The envoys tried to recall the scene, but Yun Canglan continued, "Their targets were the Emperor of the Feng Kingdom, the Emperor of the Can Kingdom, the Emperor of the Jin Kingdom, the Crown Prince of the Chi Kingdom and the sixth prince of the Lie Kingdom."

Yuan Fenglin was the first to realize what had happened. The other five envoys, even Lei Tianyan, the Emperor of the Si Kingdom and the officials turned their gaze at him.

Yuan Fenglin rose and got down on one knee, "Crown Princess, please clear the Ling Kingdom's name."

Yun Canglan praised his intelligence silently and cursed him in her mind, 'The Ling Kingdom is mine. Is there any need to fight with my own kingdom?'

"As for killing the envoys, the Si Kingdom is more suspicious. We would have attacked the Grand Councilor of the Ling Kingdom. But if the assassins were sent by the Ling Kingdom, why didn't they attack Emperor of the Si kingdom? The truth is they want to stir up conflicts by assassinating only five envoys.

"If what you said is true, why was the Grand Councilor of the Ling Kingdom spared? Xi Quanwei asked flatly, It's simple

"Who is he?" Xi Quanwei


The banquet ended up Yan Cangyue Yang Gezhi Xi Zhiyao Si kingdom

Finally, all the important people gathered in the same place.

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