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   Chapter 193 The Bride Will Be Lian Xing

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 9200

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Full of sadness and affection, Huo Liuyun fixed his eyes upon Yun Canglan who walked close. Scenes of the past rose before his eyes. When they were engaged, she had eyes only for him. If she hadn't feigned death; if she hadn't left him; if she hadn't been surrounded by so many men; if she hadn't been that cold to him... She would be his Canglan, and he would be her Liuyun forever. What a happy life it would be! If...if he had trusted her...

Yan Yuanling was also amazed by Yun Canglan. But his eyes were full of greedy and scheming. Yun Canglan, of course, didn't miss that.

Qin Liuren was also in a bad mood. He had heard that news that the seventh prince of the Si Kingdom would get married. He came to the Si Kingdom for Yun Canglan. He wanted to figure it out what kind of feeling he held toward Yun Canglan. The moment he saw her, he realized that he wanted no one except for her. The moment Yun Canglan appeared, he was shot in the heart with an arrow; then, the second arrow, the third, the fourth...She slowly stepped forward, and his heart was riddled with a thousand wounds.

He had never known he would suffer and sorrow like this; he had never known the feeling of regret before. But since he met her, he knew that. She was so beautiful that attracted the attention of all people present. Her beauty could never be matched. Although she was steps away, Qin Liuren felt she was far away from him.

Qin Liuren grabbed his clothes tightly, his face ashen. He closely stared at Yun Canglan, and there was nobody except for her in his eyes. She came closer to him, but he felt there was a milky way between them.

Yun Canglan went up the stairs and passed in front of the envoys of the six kingdoms. The fragrance of Red Spider Lily permeated the whole Qinghe Palace. She gave Huo Liuyun an indifferent glance before she stepped forward. She paused for a short while when she saw Shui Minghan. Seeing Xi Quanwei, she was astonished. The Jin Kingdom was powerful and prosperous, and the Emperor of the Jin Kingdom should be a wise and farsighted man. But Xi Quanwei had a pair of innocent eyes and looked like a child who was too young to know much about the world.

He was either a simple-minded person or a hard one to read. But Yun Canglan believed Xi Quanwei was not that wise as she had thought. Was there someone else that was in charge of the Jin Kingdom?

The Jin Kingdom seemed to be an interesting place. Yun Canglan decided to ask Yun Yu to keep an eye on it.

While thinking secretly, Yun Canglan walked to the seat under the Emperor's chair without looking left or right. She didn't even cast a single glance at Qin Liuren. Qin Liuren changed color at her apathy. His handsome face darkened.

He closely gazed at Yun

raight face. He suddenly remembered the year when he was with her, she exposed all her powers in front of him with reservation. She had trusted him. She could have made all decisions, but she liked to ask for his opinions. She was a powerful lady, yet she respected his ideas. She was stronger than most men; but she would never make him feel inferior in front of her.

However, he took it for granted at that time. He only cared about his enemies and powers. He ignored her and even betrayed her. Finally, he had lost the right to accompany her.

He regretted it.

Qin Liuren's eyes were blurred. Yun Canglan sat there gracefully like a otherworldly immortal, making him unable to get close to her. He felt like in a living hell as there was no hope for him.

He gradually got drawn in deeper and deeper.

Yun Canglan's words dawned on Xi Quanwei and Yan Yuanling. Yuan Fenglin admired her even more.

The officials nodded and talked to each other, showing their appreciation for the Crown Princess.

However, the last thing Yun Canglan wanted to see happened. While people enjoying the performance and chatting with each other, a red figure appeared in the Qinghe Palace.

He strode over to the hall. He looked thin in the large red robe, and his face looked pale. He had a pretty face which looked rather sad. His smooth hair hang down his back, and was adorned with a white jade hairpin. When Yun Canglan saw the hairpin, her heart stung.

It was a lady's hairpin. Yun Canglan once saw it in Lian Xing's hair.

Her nightmare came true.

Lei Tianyan sat down in the opposite chair of Yun Canglan. He didn't even look at her. His pretty face looked rather cold.

Lei Tianyun slowly stated, "I'm here to declare my bride would be Lian Xing, a servant lady in the Si kingdom."

Yun Canglan gave a bitter smile.

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