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   Chapter 192 Announce to the World

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7114

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In the evening, the lanterns were hung in the royal palace. Comely maids were sending tasty delicacies in rows to the Qinghe Palace, and the eunuchs were doing cleaning.

People were as busy as bees in and out of the Qinghe Palace. The chief eunuch who served Emperor Si supervised and directed them personally. The importance of the upcoming banquet was conceivable.

In the bedroom of Emperor Si, Yun Qin finished taking Emperor Si's pulse and respectfully stood near the bed.

Yun Canglan sat on the bed with concern. After Yun Qin took Emperor Si's pulse, she asked anxiously, "How is my father? Anything wrong?"

Yun Qin shook his head to relieve Yun Canglan, "His Majesty suffers insufficiency of vital energy and blood. I am afraid that it is caused by strains. Almost all the poisons in his body are cleared. If he nurses his body, he will restore his health soon. Don't worry."

Yun Canglan frowned with a fierce look, "Yun Qi, have you found the source of the poisons?" If they didn't suddenly return to the Si Kingdom, Yun Canglan wouldn't know that her adoptive father was weak in recent years because of chronic poisons. Damn it! If she found out who did it to him, she would cut him to pieces.

Yun Qi nodded, "It's not caused by diet or incense, but the flowers here. The soil of these flowers is buried with a small amount of chronic poisons. They diffuse through the flowers. If we don't carefully search, we can't find them."

By the window sat a sage-like old man with white beard. With a smile, he walked up to Emperor Si's bed and shook his hand, "Old guy, don't worry. I have told your fortune. You can live over 80 years. There are over 30 years left, enough for you to enjoy the happiness of family reunions."

Emperor Si leaned on the soft and comfortable cushion, with a smile on his ruddy face. He didn't seem to be poisoned, but there was exhaustion in his smiling eyes. "After Yun'er takes over the kingdom, I'll travel with you."

While the two old men were talking happily, Yun Canglan left with Yun Qin and Yun Qi.

In the main hall of the Qinghe Palace, everything was prepared in

glin was surprised. He didn't expect that Feng Yun'er, the boss of Fengyun Firm who he swore allegiance to, was the Crown Princess Xi Yun of the Si Kingdom. How many unknown and enigmatic identities did she have? What kind of legendary woman she was?

Xi Quanwei was amazed. Yun Canglan outshone any other woman in the world in elegance and temperament, and no man could be as overweening and domineering as she was. Everyone was fascinated by her. If she wanted, she could captivate all the men in the world.

Shui Minghan had gotten used to it. The year he accompanied her, she had already told him all her identities. He was very happy that she trusted him. However, although he knew that she was beautiful, she was never magnificently decked out like this moment. He even had an impulse to rush to hug and hide her and ask her to hide her elegant demeanor and be an ordinary woman, but it was impossible. She had not forgiven him yet. Moreover, he knew from his master that she was born to stand at the top. No matter whether she hid her elegant demeanor or not, she was not an ordinary person.

Huo Liuyun gazed at Yun Canglan, amazed and surprised. He knew that Yun Canglan rushed to the Si Kingdom, so he personally came to attend the wedding ceremony of the seventh prince, but he didn't expect that Yun Canglan turned out to be the Crown Princess Xi Yun. In this case, the marriage of the seventh prince…

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