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   Chapter 191 I Will Wait for You

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 9826

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Yun Canglan sat in a chair of the Qingyan Palace. She felt constrained and uneasy as she stared at the red marriage room. The loneliness and grief came in waves.

The red curtains above the plaque of the Qingyan Palace flew with the wind. The moment Yun Canglan entered the Qingyan Palace, her heart was hurt by an eye-catching red silk flower. In the yard, there were this kind of silk flowers and ribbons everywhere. The characters of "Wedding" stuck on the windows stung her.

Since when she had to wait for approval before entering the Qingyan Palace?

Ye'er and Kuang'er looked around as they were unable to sit still for longer than a few minutes. The red decoration meant nothing to them. They didn't find Yun Canglan was in a bad mood.

After about several minutes, footsteps were heard from the inner room. Yun Canglan looked back pleasantly, but saw an unexpected figure.

"My Crown Princess." A weak Lian Xing walked out of the inner room and made a salute to Yun Canglan. Yun Canglan frowned as she looked up to Lian Xing. There was a gnawing pain from her heart.

Lian Xing wore red wedding dress. The wedding dress was made of the best cloths. A flying phoenix embroidered on the wedding dress was extremely lifelike. On the sleeves and hemline, countless beautiful hibiscus flowers made of golden silk bloomed. The wedding dress was the dream of numerous ladies. Lian Xing had a well-developed body. She looked even prettier in the wedding dress.

Lian Xing's face was covered with a red veil. Her eyes were as vicious as an wolf.

"My Crown Princess, please forgive me. I was trying on the wedding dress when the servant told me that you arrived the Qingyan Palace. I was afraid I was a poor host. So I didn't change the dress." Lian Xing explained in a light voice. However, Yun Canglan could tell Lian Xing was flaunting her wedding dress as she saw Lian Xing's ferocious eyes.

Yun Canglan stared blankly at Lian Xing. She could see nothing except for her red wedding dress.

"Mom, who is she? She is so ugly." Ye'er took a look at Lian Xing and furrowed his eyebrows in disgust.

"Why do you know she is ugly without seeing her face?" Kuang'er also opened his mouth. He cast a scornful glance at Lian Xing and continued, "I guess she is uglier than what you think."

Lian Xing changed her face and stared viciously at the two kids. On second thought, she wondered, 'What did they call Yun Canglan?


Lian Xing didn't give a second thought as footsteps again were heard from the inner room. It was Lei Tianyan this time.

Before he stopped, the two kids immediately jumped off the stairs and ran toward Lei Tianyan happily.

"Daddy Tianyan, I missed you so much." Kuang'er pounced on Lei Tianyan. Lei Tianyan squatted down and caught him. His cold face softened.

Ye'er also fought his way into Lei Tianyan's arms and rubbed his chin with his head, "Daddy, why didn't you visit us?"


anquet or not.

If he attended the banquet, he could not bear that several men cast greedy eyes on Yun Canglan; if he didn't attend the banquet, he would worry whether she was able to deal with the envoys of the six kingdoms. He had very conflicting feelings. He had made up his mind to give up and marry Lian Xing, but he still missed Yun Canglan.

Faced with Lei Tianyan's aloofness and alienation, Yun Canglan was panicked. She dared not stand in front of him for a single moment as she was afraid that he might say something cruel. Did Lei Tianyan hold the same feelings several month ago when he left in a hurry?

"Ye'er and Kuang'er missed you so much. I'll leave them to you tonight. I...I'm leaving now..." Yun Canglan passed over the kids and Lei Tianyan, and ran to the door. But she suddenly stopped at the door. She didn't look back, but said in a light voice, " a full-moon night..."

Lei Tianyan went rigid and said nothing for a moment. Then he slowly stated, "They are with you." 'You don't need me.' He thought.

Yun Canglan's shoulders collapsed, giving a sense of sorrow, "I'll ask Yun Qin and Yun Qi to kill anyone who dares to enter the Yeyun Palace except you." After saying that, Yun Canglan left the Qingyan Palace.

While walking, Yun Canglan pressed her chest as she was unable to breathe.

Actually, Yun Canglan still had a pill made from Scorching Sun Grass. But she didn't tell Lei Tianyan, and she didn't plan to tell him. It was the full-moon night tomorrow. She had made herself clear that she wanted nobody except for Lei Tianyan to detox her. He should understand her.

She admitted that she was a mean person. She used herself to threaten him. But she had no idea how to win him back. This was her last chance. If he still didn't trust her, she'd rather die. He would get married the day after tomorrow. She was unable to helpless watch him marry another woman. Better a finger off as aye wagging.

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