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   Chapter 190 Stepmother

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As Yun Canglan ran out of the gate of the Imperial Palace in the Si kingdom, she saw two kids jumping off an exquisite carriage. One was wearing a blue leather robe, while the other was wearing a pink suits filled with cotton. They were short, cute and pretty, they looked mature though.

A startled Yun Canglan stopped to see her kids capering around Shui Minghan. Her eyes were filled with tears before she saw their faces.

As soon as Shui Minghan got off the carriage, he saw Yun Canglan and stopped the kids from excitingly jumping. After he said something to them, they looked at the direction where Yun Canglan was standing.

However, they froze just like Yun Canglan did and stared at her at a distance. There felt a longing to throw themselves into her arms, they feared about her criticism though.

"Come here!" Yun Canglan ordered angrily.

The little girl who looked frightened, turned to ask the boy for advice. Compared to the girl, the little boy seemed stronger. He overcame his fear and released all his yearning.

Taking his sister by the hand, he walked to Yun Canglan in firm strides.

Two little figures raised their head arduously and didn't cry nor speak as they stood in front of Yun Canglan.

"From whom did you get the permission to come back?" 'You brats, don't you know it's not safe in the Si kingdom?'

'Grandpa Sparrow brought us back, ' the little boy was fighting back tears as he replied.

"If you hadn't pestered him for coming to the Si Kingdom, would he have taken you here?" Sparrow could tell others' fortunes, don't he know the situation of the Si Kingdom?

The little girl got a grip on the bottom of her clothes with her head bowed, as she said unwillingly, "Grandpa Sparrow"

"Fall in! Don't use the puppy-dog eyes trick!" 'You two naught kids! Not beaten for three days, you would tear off the roof tiles!'

The two kids stood upright, holding their head high and throwing their chests up just like soldiers in training.

Clasping her hands behind her back, Yun Canglan strolled round them as she stared at them seriously, "Tell me what punishments you deserve, since you came here without my permission."

The little boy sneaked a glance at Yun Canglan as he replied cowardly, "Wear girl's clothes for three days."

The girl also said reluctantly, "Three days without candies."

Yun Canglan was satisfied, so she squatted down, opened her arms and then called with a tender and warm smile, "Come here."

The two kids who beamed with pleasure rushed to Yun Canglan's arms. One wrapped his arms around Yun Canglan's neck, the other kissed Yun Canglan on the cheek.

"Mommy, I miss you."

"Me too. I miss you too."

"Do you hated me for not visiting you recently?" Yun Canglan also missed her kids.


Their harmonious interaction was interrupted by Shui Minghan. He was coming closer and closer. Yun Canglan got tired of his coldness, she di

llowed him and entered the room, only to see Yun Qingkuang bargaining with Yun Canglan over having candies.

"Mommy, why is Daddy Tianyan not here?" Yun Qingkuang asked casually, which froze Yun Canglan's smile and be at a loss how to answer this question.

Yun Qingkuang replied directly as she took no notice of her mother's weird reaction, "Last time Daddy Tianyan went to visit us, he looked unhappy. Brother and I have been here for quite a long time, but he didn't come to meet us. Mommy, does Daddy Tianyan hate us?"

Yun Canglan felt really heartbreaking as she petted Yun Qingkuang's head, "No, Daddy Tianyan loves you most." Pain spilled from her eyes.

"Really?" Yun Qingkuang suddenly rid herself of her mother's arms. She stood upright and looked at Yun Canglan happily, rolling her round eyes, "Mommy, brother and I like Daddy Tianyan. Could we go to meet him later?"

"But…"Yun Canglan hesitated as she thought, 'He is busy making preparations for his wedding ceremony.'

"Please! Please, mommy. " No one could so no if Yun Qingkuang gave him those puppy-dog eyes. So did Yun Canglan. She nodded as she yielded permission, "Okay."

Maybe she yielded to the petition from her kids just because she needed an excuse to persuade herself into visiting him.

"Mommy!" A loud voice filled with anger was heard and then Yun Qingye stood in front Yun Canglan.

He was wearing a red padded jacket and a floor length loose red skirt without embroideries. No one would regard his skirt as a cheap cloth. On his head, two buns were tied with two red silk ribbons.

Yun Canglan ignored Yun Qingye's anger and mumbled as she walked around her son a few times proudly, 'Perfect child bride*.

(*TN: Child bride refers to a girl who was adopted at a young age. When she grows up, she will marry to her brother.)

A depressed Yun Qingye stared at his mother as he thought, 'Are you my biological mother? I suspect you are my stepmother.'

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