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   Chapter 189 The Twins Coming out

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 10688

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That night, it snowed after the rain, nearly a month earlier than usual. The snow drifted profusely and disorderly in the night, and in the morning it covered the whole imperial palace of the Si Kingdom. The early eunuchs and maids were attracted by the beautiful snow scenery. Some mischievous little Princes and Princesses even had snowball fights with their servants. There were laughter everywhere.

Unusually, Yun Canglan got up early today, and the moment she opened her eyes, she was infected by the laughter in the palace. She stood at the window, looking at the Yeyun Palace's yard covered with snow, mirth lingering in her ears, and the sadness in her eyes turning into infinite tenderness.

A cold wind came in through the window, making her white dress flutter. Some snow from the windowsill blew into the room and fell on her light hair, melting in a flash.

At this time, the door was opened and Yun Qin and Yun Qi entered. Their usual playful face now appeared a little melancholy. And the sight of Yun Canglan standing at the window in spite of the cold wind made them frown.

Yun Qi took a white fox fur cloak from the wardrobe and draped it lightly over Yun Canglan's shoulders. Yun Qin stoked up the fire in the room to a blaze. Having done this, they stood behind her in silence.

Yesterday, they thought their Mistress and Lei Tianyan would make up after they left. As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Their Mistress had known her feelings, so she and Lei Tianyan should be inseparable. To their surprise, two hours later their Mistress came back, soaked to the skin, with her face dripping, not knowing whether it was rain or tears.

They had never seen their Mistress so lifeless and depressed, as if she had just suffered a heavy blow, or had not recovered from her grief. In their eyes, their Mistress was a goddess who never gave up, but she lay slumped on the bed, staring at the bed curtain above blankly, and didn't listen to what they were saying.

They didn't expect the relationship between their Mistress and Lei Tianyan to get worse instead of better.

Early this morning, the Qingyan Palace began to be cleaned from the inside out. The face of everybody in the palace was radiant with joy. Red lanterns had been hung at the doors, which stood in sharp contrast to the snow on the ground.

Though Lei Tianyan didn't show up, his attitude was clear.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi wondered if they should tell their Mistress.

"What happened?" Yun Canglan asked them faintly, but did not turn around.

Yun Qi hesitated before Yun Qin spoke in an awkward way, "Early this morning Mister Yao Yan took Lian Xing from the side Palace to the Qingyan Palace."

"Anything else?" she continued icily.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi exchanged a glance and decided to present the truth in a delicate way, "As the message of Mister Yao Yan's wedding was announced, the other six countries came to congratulate him, including Emperor Jin Xi Quanwei, Emperor Feng Qin Liuren, Emperor Can Huo Liuyun, the eldest Prince of the Chi Kingdom Yan Yuanling, the Prime Minister of the Ling Kingdom Yuan Fenglin and the sixth Prince Shui Minghan." Almost everyone conn

ncle, don't you know dad Han?"

"Who is he?" Huo Liuyun thought the two children were a little strange, and supposed they had been brought by some envoy.

The girl screwed up her cute nose and showed obvious disdain in her eyes, "You're really stupid, uncle. Dad Han is Dad Han."

"What's his name?"

"Dad Han."

Huo Liuyun frowned, "No adults with you?" 'How can such small children be left alone?' he thought.

"Grandpa Yan is gone, so we have to look for dad Han."

"Grandpa Yan?" 'Dad? Grandpa?' Huo Liuyun was a bit confused.

The little girl tugged at the boy's sleeve and glanced at Huo Liuyun with great scorn, "Brother, let's go. He may be a fool."


Huo Liuyun's eyes were wide with disbelief. He was called a fool by a child.


"Kuang'er, Ye'er?" A cold but surprised voice came. Then the tall, wintry Shui Minghan strode over. His indifferent face softened a lot when he was in front of them.

"Dad Han." The little girl pounced on Shui Minghan joyfully, and Shui Minghan crouched down and picked them up, his eyes full of doting and surprise, "Why are you here? When did you get back?"

The little boy sat on Shui Minghan's arm, playfully grasping a few strands of his hair, and answered like a little man, "Grandpa Yan asked us to look for dad. Aren't you the only dad we have here?"

They didn't understand why they had two dads. One was dad Han, and the other was dad Yan.

Shui Minghan's eyes suddenly turned cold, and he gave Huo Liuyun a look of defensiveness, but a moment later they softened again. He lovingly looked at the children, "Does your mother know you're back?"

The little girl shook her head, two index fingers to each other, suddenly hung her head and pouted.

"I'll take you to your mother, okay?"

The two children raised their heads at once with surprise in their pure little eyes, and kept nodding their heads.

Shui Minghan turned and walked slowly away with two little children in his arms, ignoring Huo Liuyun.

Standing in the snow and watching the three, somehow, Huo Liuyun suddenly felt warm inside.

It was a strange feeling.

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