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   Chapter 188 Feeling Like Being in Another Life

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The slight footsteps awakened Yun Canglan's recollection. She turned and saw the familiar red. The man in front of her had an enchanting temperament, with a feminine face, a pair of attractive, slanted eyes, and a red feather of birthmark in the corner of his eye.

"He dwarfed even the sun and the moon with his beguiling red feather that lay at the tip of his brow."

This was the elegant demeanor of the most beautiful person in the world.

Everything was so familiar that she felt they had only been apart for a blink of an eye, but it also seemed very strange, as if they had not seen each other for tens of thousands of years. At one glance, her profound longing for him came flooding back.

Yun Canglan stared the man, and her slanted eyes were not only filled with the joy after the shock, but also with the struggle and cowardice. He was tall and slender, but now he was even thinner and had a sharp chin. His enchanting face looked a little cold and old. A few rumpled strands of hair on his forehead obscured his captivating eyes. Instead of the cool and arrogance of the past, he exuded an unbridled resentment. What changed him?

At first, Lei Tianyan's eyes were alight with longing, but soon were dimmed by apathy and alienation. Seeing the white figure in the pear woods, Lei Tianyan thought he was hallucinating again. As usual, he tried to catch the person in his illusion, but she suddenly turned and looked at him. He did not have time to cover up the longing in his eyes.

It was not an illusion, it was a reality. She was the real Yun'er.

But what could he do?

His joy immediately turned into a great bitterness. He recalled the day she stood on the pagoda in defiance of the world to express her love for the man under the pagoda, and a few months ago she lying in the arms of another man, watched blankly him as he burst into her room and fled in panic.

For months, none of them had cooled down and become increasingly estranged.

She met a new man, and he had another woman by his side.

When the pears were in bloom, they met. Now that the trees had withered, was it time for their end?

At some point, Yun Qin and Yun Qi were gone, leaving them alone.

Thousands of words welled up in Yun Canglan's heart, but she didn't know where to begin. She considered whether she should say, "You just came back, and you must be tired, " or "Yang Gezhi was an accident, " or "Qin Liuren was my delusion."

'What should I say?

What could I say that won't hurt him and erase the indifference and alienation in his eyes?'

Yun Canglan wondered and felt heartbroken. At last she felt the pain again, the pain that she could not release or escape.

"Tian...yan..." she finally let out a whisper.

Lei Tianyan blinked, suddenly leaned forward, low

mit that I was your fiance, because you had Shui Minghan then. Three years ago, you still didn't admit it, and you resolutely left for Feng Gui. Now you say I'm your fiance. What do you want, Yun Canglan?"

"I don't want anything. I regret it. I finally understand. I did have Shui Minghan four years ago, and I did have Feng Gui three years ago. That's the truth. But if I acknowledged the engagement at that time, would that be fair to you? You've been with me for over a year. Now I know my feelings for you. Am I wrong to acknowledge the engagement?"

"Isn't there anyone else with you now? What about the Emperor of the Feng Kingdom and Prince Qingzhuo of the Ling Kingdom?" Lei Tianyan raised his voice involuntarily, his stunning face sullen, yet he retained the charm of the most beautiful person in the world.

Yun Canglan looked down, "Believe it or not, I just want to tell you that I...seem to...fall in love with you...." At last she showed him her heart. It was very hard for her to say love, but after saying it, she found it quite simple.

Lei Tianyan stared at Yun Canglan with amazement. Then there was another long silence.

Yun Canglan kept her head down, afraid to look at his face, more afraid of exposing her shyness. But after a long wait, all she could hear was a shallow breathing overhead. When she was about to look up, she heard a low voice with an undisguised bitterness.

"I hurt your pride by getting married, didn't I, Yun Canglan? You're not the bride, and you're not the one to end our relationship. You're frustrated, so you're lying to me, right? Yun Canglan, do you really think that I'm an iron man and won't get hurt?"

With that, he turned decisively away.

Canglan stood in the increasingly heavy rain, gawking at the determined figure.

"I'm not..."

However, Lei Tianyan could no longer hear her.

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