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   Chapter 187 Catch Adultery in the Act

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According to the Shuihuo Calendar, on October 7 in 1014, a plague broke out in the Si Kingdom on the Water Continent and spread rapidly. In just three days, three provinces of Lingqian were affected. Hundreds of thousands of victims were panic, and the Si Kingdom was jittery.

According to the Shuihuo Calendar, on October 10 in 1014, the Emperor of the Si Kingdom sent two mysterious men deep into the seriously affected areas in Lingqian. In just one day, they miraculously controlled the plague and found out the source of the plague. What was even more amazing was that even the patients with the plague were cured by them.

According to the Shuihuo Calendar, on October 11 in 1014, the Grand Preceptor of the Si Kingdom resigned from office and was killed by bandits on his way home. Numerous letters in his bag were made public. His attempt to overthrow the Crown Princess Xi Yun in cooperation with the demonic cult Mietian was exposed.

According to the Shuihuo Calendar, on October 12 in 1014, the Crown Princess Xi Yun orally appointed Xu Feng, the former fourth-ranking Vice Minister, as the new Grand Preceptor, and Emperor Si issued a decree for official appointment. Xu Feng, a promising young official, had a meteoric rise.

Henceforward, Xi Yun, the Crown Princess of the Si Kingdom, officially stepped into the court.

There was little rain in the autumn in the past, but this year, it rained every now and then. The cold of autumn, accompanied by the autumn rain, came early.

After the autumn rain, although the ground was not too muddy, many small puddles made the autumn morning cool. The autumn wind was soughing, blowing off the raindrops hanging on the branches.

Yun Canglan stepped out of her room. As a sweep of chilly air passed by, she gathered her cloak, pulling it tightly to her.

In the morning after the rain, there was a clear fragrance everywhere. However, faint high and low groans came out from the side hall of the Yeyun Palace, making the cool and beautiful morning filthy.

Yun Canglan stopped and looked at the direction of the side hall, "The aphrodisiac Qianjiao Baimei works? The loud groans may attract His Majesty."

Yun Qi proudly raised his head, "Of course, the pills I make will never fail. However, it is a waste to give Qianjiao Baimei to her."

"We have to hide for some time; otherwise we may mess it up."

Besides the die-hards, the concubines also wanted to oust the Crown Princess Xi Yun and promote their sons to the throne. As they got older and older, they could only count on their sons and hoped their sons could make a difference. Every prince wanted to


Yun Canglan felt even more wronged. She twitched her mouth and wanted to cry out, "I know you like Tianyan, but you can't marry him. I am selfish. I don't want to share my husband with other women. But you can't slander me. If you don't believe it, I can ask a doctor to see if you have symptoms of poisoning after taking the pill."

The doctor immediately came in and took Lian Xing's pulse without saying anything.

Yun Canglan, who always worked efficiently, had brought a doctor.

After quite a while, the old doctor slowly stood up and bowed to Emperor Si and Yun Canglan, "Your Majesty, Your Highness, she is full of vital energy and blood. She isn't poisoned, but grows plump and smooth-skinned."

Yun Canglan pretended to be nice, "Father, Lian Xing serves me for long. She is my confidant. It's her first mistake. Can she be lightly punished?"

Emperor Si sneered, "How will you punish her?"

"Disfigure her face."

After sending away Emperor Si and the concubines, Yun Canglan was in a good mood. She led Yun Qin and Yun Qi out of the Yeyun Palace, winning the admiration and praise of maids and eunuchs all the way.

The magnanimous and kind Crown Princess was the blessing of their kingdom.

Unconsciously, they walked into a bare forest, and the dead leaves were wet by the rain.

This forest seemed familiar.

Stroking the trunk beside, Yun Canglan felt the scene in front was getting more and more familiar. Four years ago, she was disconsolate and didn't know where to go. He appeared charmingly in red, and the feather at the corner of his eye was particularly stunning.

Someone lightly walked into this quiet pear forest and stopped suddenly.

A man in bright red was reflected in the tranquil water.

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