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   Chapter 185 Wait for Tianyan

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 9599

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Yun Canglan's evil and bitter laughter spread in the darkness through the side hall of the Crown Princess, the Yeyun Palace and the entire royal palace of the Si Kingdom.

In the middle of the night, all the sleeping people were awakened by this cold and bleak laughter.

The guards of the Yeyun Palace heard the laughter and ran to the side hall. The cold armor sound made the night more chilling.

The emperor of the Si Kingdom put on his robe and hurried to the Yeyun Palace with the support of an old eunuch. When he arrived, he heard the cold and bitter smile and saw Yun Canglan who was laughing with tears streaming down her face.

"Leave. All of you leave." The emperor of the Si Kingdom ordered the guards who were on the alert and combat-ready and pointed their swords to the Yeyun Palace to leave. He passed by Yun Qin and Yun Qi and walked to Yun Canglan. Yun Canglan's strange laughter distressed him.

"Yun'er..." His voice was very soft. Yun Canglan stopped laughing, and the tears coursed down her cheeks. She stared at the emperor of the Si Kingdom and uttered in a hoarse voice, "Father."

Distressed, the emperor of the Si Kingdom stepped forward, leaning Yun Canglan's head on his shoulder. He had been grey-haired, but his shoulders were still strong and could protect her from being hurt.

"You're back. Why do you cry?" The emperor of the Si Kingdom said in a gentle voice. For him, Yun Canglan was like his biological daughter who hadn't been back for a long time. However, she was his foster daughter and took way the Si Kingdom as soon as she appeared.

Resting her head on the shoulder of the emperor of the Si Kingdom, Yun Canglan felt exhausted and tired. She missed this warm feeling so much.

She had always been the powerful backing of her parents in the Can Kingdom and never let them see her weakness and tears. Although she was close to them, she just showed her fragility to the emperor of the Si Kingdom.

Now she rested her head on the shoulder of her adoptive father, who had experienced many vicissitudes of life. She suddenly felt so tired and wanted to sleep. If she didn't wake up, she wouldn't have to face the pain in her heart.

No one knew she finally understood something at that moment.

She kept Lei Tianyan at arm's length deliberately, didn't want him to be with her all the time, and couldn't tell her feelings for him.

It was because she liked him. No, she loved him.

She kept Lei Tianyan at arm's length because she was afraid. Qi Yuntian, Huo Liuyun, Shui Minghan and Feng Gui gave her their firm and solemn promises, but abandoned and betrayed her at last. She was really afraid and didn't dare to imagine whether she could say goodbye with a smile as before if Lei Tianyan abandoned and betrayed her, so the best way was to keep him at arm's length.

After these emotional fru

s sad look would appear in her dream.

"When will Yun Yu and Yun Ri arrive?" Yun Canglan didn't want to think about where to sleep, so she asked something else.

"We set off at the same time. It is estimated they will arrive tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow at the latest." Yun Qi said.

Yun Canglan closed her eyes, her eyelashes fluttering, "Ask Yun Lie to travel faster. Something big will happen here."

"Okay." They had kept watch on the Si Kingdom for a long time. This kingdom seemed to be calm, but in fact, it had begun to be unstable. Otherwise the emperor and the seventh prince wouldn't be so annoyed.

"Mistress, why not directly kill Lian Xing? She is a scourge." Yun Qin was puzzled. Yun Canglan showed no leniency towards those who betrayed her, but Lian Xing was an exception. Was it because of Mister Lei Tianyan?

Yun Canglan shook.

"She can't be underestimated. I don't want to kill her until I get to the bottom of her. I will keep her alive and ask Tianyan after he comes back."

"Mistress, I will ask Yun Yu to check her out. I think she must be involved in the public notice of 100, 000 liang of gold in jianghu." Yun Qi said.

The die-hards and Lian Xing didn't want Yun Canglan to go back to the Si Kingdom. Moreover, the die-hards didn't know Lian Xing was the false Crown Princess, and Yun Canglan had returned. Lian Xing was the only one who could guess they would return. Of course, there might be someone behind the scenes, or their return was predicted, but for the moment, Lian Xing was the most suspected.

Yun Canglan nodded, "Keep watch on her. Let me know as soon as Tianyan returns."

After Lei Tianyan left that day, she never thought they would meet again when he was about to marry the false Crown Princess Xi Yun. She suddenly realized her love for Lei Tianyan. She rushed back, but got a sad message first.

Did they really miss each other?

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