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   Chapter 184 The False Xi Yun

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7930

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The Si Kingdom was even more dangerous than the Ling Kingdom. As soon as Yun Canglan and the twins went ashore, assassins waiting to ambush them jumped out. A public notice had been issued in jianghu offering 100, 000 Liang of gold for Feng Yun'er's head and another 5, 000 Liang for the twins.

Since the public notice was issued, people from all walks of life tried to get in on the action. For the assassins, they would have money to burn without having to take on new targets. Soon, many flocked to the Si Kingdom, in an attempt to kill Yun Canglan and win the large sum of money offered.

With the help of Yun Yu's Buye Tower and the legendary world assassins, Yecha, she had access to the news in advance and could prepare for the attempts. However, to sail the fastest routes, Yun Canglan chose the shortcuts at sea that were remote, and she didn't get news from Yun Yu or Yun Lie for four or five days. She never expected to be ambushed by some many killers all at once, as they landed on shore.

They fought continuously along the way. Fortunately, Yun Ri and Yun Yu had already deployed reinforcements all the way.

After another three days, Yun Canglan and the twins finally arrived at the royal palace of the Si Kingdom.

They arrived at night and forcibly opened the palace gate. The guards kept silent and dared not to say anything. Therefore, few people knew they had arrived.

Yun Canglan didn't dismount her horse after entering the palace. Her horse galloped straight to the Qingyan Palace, but when it approached the Qingyan Palace, Yun Canglan suddenly stopped. The travel-worn and weary white figure sat on the horse and looked at the Qingyan Palace in front, but she didn't move an inch forward.

The night grew late. The Qingyan Palace was dark, and the two lanterns at the gate swayed in the night.

After travelling for ten days, Yun Canglan was so close to Lei Tianyan now, but she dared not go one step further.

In the last ten days, she realized how precious his companionship was in the past two years. It took at least eight or nine days to travel day and night from the Can Kingdom to the Si Kingdom at the fastest speed, just like what they did this time. Every month, Lei Tianyan went from the Si Kingdom to the Can Kingdom to accompany her on the most terrible day and then returned to the Si Kingdom. It took him nea

and would keep those she liked on her side and kill whoever she hated. However, she was different today. Lian Xing upset her, and she wanted to kill her, but she couldn't give this order.

Lian Xing prostrated herself before Yun Canglan, shivered, "I don't dare. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I fall in love with His Highness involuntarily."

"Humph, you fall in love with him involuntarily?"

Lian Xing raised her head, and her face was already covered with tears. Her lovingly pathetic appearance formed a strong contrast with Yun Canglan's dominance. She was like a delicate willow branch trembling in the wind, moving the heart of all who saw her. On the contrary, Yun Canglan was domineering, proud and strong, vividly showing the imposing manner of men and more majestic than any emperor of the seven kingdoms.

Lian Xing said with fear, "After you left two years ago, I stayed in the palace in the name of you and had some contact with His Highness. I knew that I didn't deserve him and I couldn't replace you, so I hid my feelings deep in my heart. His Highness suddenly came back a few months ago and seemed to have experienced something sad. I felt pity for him, so I comforted him a few times. Before long, His Highness said that he wanted to marry me…"

Yun Canglan stopped tapping the table and clenched her fist.

"I refused. However, after a few more days, His Highness was drunk. I passed by, and he forcibly took me to his palace. He was drunk, but seemed to be sober. He called my name and said he liked me. Then…"

"Lei Tianyan. Ha-ha. Lei Tianyan…"

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