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   Chapter 182 Saved Yan Cangyue by Chance

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It took ten days to travel from the Ling Kingdom, which was on the Fire Continent to the Si Kingdom, on the Continent of Water. Yun Canglan, of course, chose the quickest routes. The fastest horses could travel one hundred Li daily. Yun Xiang arranged ahead of time for fresh horses at designated areas, as well as express boats near the borders. Everything was put in order. If no one had understood previously, they now saw just how vital Mister Tianyan was to their Mistress.

'Our Mistress was as cool as a cucumber able to handle challenges rationally and concisely. Even when the unexpected popped up, she was able to plan, and lead flawlessly to attain their goals, without fail. She lost her cool hearing Mister Tianyan was going to get married.

Doesn't this show she loves him?'

While Yun Canglan and her entourage travelled, the other men were busy taking action too.

Shui Minghan overheard Yang Gezhi and Yun Canglan talking, and after careful consideration, he decided to return to the Lie Kingdom, thinking, he could emulate Yang Gezhi and take over the kingdom.

When Yu Liuying returned home, Yang Gezhi collected En Ying from the Yu's Residence. He disappeared, and a newly appointed Vice Minister who could have been his twin was seen in the Ling Kingdom.

After hearing the news that Yun Canglan had gone, Qin Liuren left the Yu's Residence and returned to the Feng Kingdom. He followed the route Yun Canglan took, which could have been a coincidence, considering the Si Kingdom bordered the Feng Kingdom.

Xi Zhiyao's leaving coincided with Yun Canglan's, but he was world-famous Prince Xiaoyao for being unrestrained, and his whereabouts were not known.

Huo Liuyun arranged for his subordinates to get the present ready for the wedding in the Si Kingdom. As the Emperor of the Can Kingdom he would go to the Si Kingdom first, and his gift would arrive after.

The wedding was the talk of the seven kingdoms. The Chi Kingdom couldn't even escape being involved.

Changes would happen, and the Si Kingdom was where they would begin.

On the road in the Ling Kingdom, three horses sped along, leaving pedestrians far behind. The steeds raised long trails of dust and their lightning speed astonished everyone.

The quickest route was to take a boat at the junction between the Ling Kingdom and the Can Kingdom. After three days' riding day and night, Yun Canglan, Yun Qin and Yun Qi arrived at the Ling Kingdom's border. On the other side of the mountain looming in front of them was the sea adjacent to the Can Kingdom. Everything was ready for them.

Although the mountain had national roads, they were not frequented, and the farther up they went, the more desolate the roadways became.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi were more cautious and alert. They looked around carefully protecting Yun Canglan who

th bowed head, "No reason…It's nothing. Why can't I look for him?"

The desperate Yun Canglan thought, 'Oh, my god. What an idiot! He came out alone. If I didn't show up to save him, one of my feathers would be lost and I wouldn't be able to return to my world.'

Yun Qin and Yun Qi killed all the enemies in few seconds. She informed Yan Cangyue, "I just came from the Ling Kingdom and Mister Night Phoenix already left."

"What?" 'He left the Ling Kingdom already?' Yan Cangyue thought furrowing his brows, 'Why? Why did he leave?'

"What now? Will you continue on this trip to the Ling Kingdom, being hunted by assassins sent from the Chi Kingdom?"

Yan Cangyue hung his head and replied with a dejected tone, "I don't know." He looked deflated.

"You are injured. Yun Qin has some medical skills, you can follow us to the boarder of the Ling Kingdom." She was not acting out of kindness though and reminded herself, 'He is one of my feathers, I can't let him die.'

Yan Cangyue meditated in silence before he nodded. He had no real choice because he was seriously hurt and couldn't secure his safety. He also had no plan for what to do next. 'Take it one step at a time, ' He decided.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi had done away with the enemies

And were back on the horses.

Yun Qin asked unhappily when he saw the shaking Yan Cangyue standing under the horse, "Mistress, what about him? Are we taking him with us? I hope not."

"I won't take him myself." Yun Qin felt a little better hearing that, "My horse is too tired to carry two people. You take him and check his wounds."

Yun Qin was left speechless and enraged.

"There is a fishing village along the border, isn't there? Ask Yun Lie to wait for us. When we arrive, you will treat Yan Cangyue and Yun Lie will escort him back to the Chi Kingdom. He can't escape the fighting whether he wants the throne or not."

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