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   Chapter 180 Good News from the Si Kingdom (Part One)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5090

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The Yu's Residence

It rained the later half of the previous night. Yun Canglan was so over tired, so she slept in late.

The leaves on the trees in the yard had fallen, and lay on the ground in a wet pile.

The air was crisper, and it was feeling like autumn.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi paced anxiously outside Yun Canglan's room. It was as though they had something urgent to tell her. Unfortunately, there was only silence coming from within the room.

After the clock struck noon, Yun Qin and Yun Qi heard their Mistress rustling her clothes, and pushed the door open to find Yun Canglan dressed and climbing out of bed.

"Mistress…" Yun Qin and Yun Qi rushed to share the latest news with Yun Canglan, she ignored them though. Yun Canglan saw Yang Gezhi standing in the doorway, just behind the twins.

"There you are. Come in, won't you?"

Yang Gezhi wanted to enter the room, but he thought it improper to be in a girl's private room. He struggled with whether or not he should before finally stepping inside.

"I'm here to give you this." As Yang Gezhi spoke, he pulled out an exquisite red wood box. There was a shiny golden flying dragon emblazoned on the box and Yun Canglan realized what was inside.

"You acted quickly, I guess you didn't sleep last night." Yun Canglan sat in front of the bronze mirror, staring at her reflection as she pulled the wooden comb through her hair.

In the box was a prize everyone in the Ling Kingdom, and even worldwide sought. She had told Yang Gezhi she wanted it,

he Ling Kingdom, you can join me. Does that sound alright to you?"

Yang Gezhi's eyes suddenly brightened, and he beamed at her. His joy was so overwhelming that all he could do was stare in disbelief at Yun Canglan.

'Canglan said, Canglan said, Canglan said I can join her. Does that mean, does that mean she has accepted me? Will she let me stay with her?'

He had waited for this three years for this.

Yun Canglan just smiled.

Yang Gezhi calmed down and looked at Yun Canglan, his eyes full of affection, "Canglan, don't worry. I'll put things right in the Ling Kingdom as soon as possible. It won't be a headache for you. Instead, it will become your source of support. It is more appropriate for me to act quickly as the new emperor, so, I will claim the throne sooner. Yuan Fenglin has a talent for leading; therefore, when the things have settled in the Ling Kingdom, I will follow you, and leave him to deal with the domestic affairs."

Yun Canglan was surprised and raised her brow, "Okay."

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