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   Chapter 179 Qin Liuren's Broken Heart

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Things settled down, and Mister Night Phoenix preferred to keep a low profile so, she decided it was time to retreat. She turned to Emperor Ling, who became a deathly pale and looked much older than he had only minutes earlier.

"Emperor Ling, since you are in poor health, you should abdicate and enjoy the remainder of your life, peacefully. I would not meddle in the affairs of the seven kingdoms." Yun Canglan stroked her chin as though in deep thought before suggesting, "However, I'd prefer you turn the throne over to Prince Qingzhuo. What do you think?"

Emperor Ling's eyes grew large.

Mister Night Phoenix was pushing Emperor Ling to abdicate and give Prince Qingzhuo the crown.

"Mister Night Phoenix, it's time to go." As Yun Qin informed her and stepped forward, he passed Yang Gezhi, and that's when the unthinkable happened.

Yun Qin collided into Yang Gezhi, and something fell from Yun Qin's chest pocket. There, laying on the ground, was what appeared to be a purse, made of black brocade. The embroidery work was terrible, and most people would think it was just an ugly purse.

However, the few who recognized it, looked shocked. Earlier, Qin Liuren and Yang Gezhi had seen that same purse, but, at the time Xi Zhiyao's attention was elsewhere, so he had not seen it.

This was the purse Yun Canglan's servant had been carrying. The strange embroidery work and unique shape...

Qin Liuren suddenly realized as he looked to Yun Canglan who she was. His eyes reflected the regret and great pain that he felt inside. He opened his mouth, but no sound came out. His feelings at the moment were confused.

Yang Gezhi was surprised too, and looking at Yun Canglan; his voice was light when he began to ask her frankly, "You are..."

"I am." Confirmed Yun Canglan nodding, determining it was no longer necessary to conceal the fact.

Yang Gezhi's eyes showed his affection as he smiled. Yun Canglan was Mister Night Phoenix. It was no wonder Yun Canglan was also Mister Night Phoenix, she was such a capable, brilliant woman!

Yang Gezhi could care less what identities Yun Canglan had. He was relieved knowing she was there, and that was enough for him.

She leaned closer to Yang Gezhi whispering in his ear, "You will ascend the throne easily, but you don't have the judgment or wisdom to rule, so, I've asked Yuan Fenglin to assist you, and he has promised he will assist you always, during his lifetime."

"This is what you whispered in his ear before?"


Yun Canglan straightened up, slowly.

The red figure cut through the crowd and eventually, disappeared.

Qin Liuren kept his eyes on the figure in red, and watched long after she disappeared. His face was drawn and sad. She hadn't so much as given him a single glance from start to finish. He wondered, had he hurt her

beauty an unearthly look.

Xi Zhiyao looked Yun Canglan in her eyes.

"You walked fast. Why didn't you wait for me?" Xi Zhiyao went blank, just for a second, immediately regaining his composure.

Yun Canglan sighed, 'Xi Zhiyao is cunning. Luckily, I was able to change and come here, or Yun Yu would have been exposed.' Yun Canglan thought as she raised her head and asked, "Why should I wait for you? You want to ask questions about my sworn brother, and I won't tell you."

Xi Zhiyao stepped close to Yun Canglan, "I'm not interested in Mister Night Phoenix. I'm only interested in you, Canglan. You said 'Drawing A Circle to Serve as A Prison' is a song. It's a good day today. Will you sing the song for me?"

"I don't want to." Yun Canglan rolled her eyes in exasperation, thinking Xi Zhiyao was a sly fox, "But, I do want to ask you something." Yun Canglan added.

Xi Zhiyao looked confused, "What?"

"You said you found the Shuihuang Firm's secret. What is it?" Yun Canglan stared at Xi Zhiyao, watching him, she had a murderous look on her face in the dark.

Xi Zhiyao's eyes were dark, but he smiled slowly, "Would you believe me if I told you, that I discovered the boss of the Shuihuang Firm is a beautiful lady, like you?"

Yun Canglan stared into Xi Zhiyao's beautiful eyes. Xi Zhiyao gave her a long deep look. Yun Canglan found she could not tell what he was thinking. She answered, "I believe you. It's a male-dominated world. But I believe brains are mightier than the brawn, and there are many capable women like me."

Yun Canglan turned and walked ahead under the moonlit sky, with Xi Zhiyao immediately following her.

"Canglan, as a capable lady, what kind of man do you prefer?"

"Handsome, confident, unrestrained, indescribably beautiful, unparalleled..."

"Does such a man exist?"

"Of course he does."

"Canglan, are you going to ..."

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