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   Chapter 178 Yang Tianyun Loses

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 10230

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Yun Canglan was frightened all of the sudden, "You seduced and slept Emperor Ling, and had sex with him?"

Her voice was loud enough for those not on the altar to clearly hear what she said. People stared in astonishment at Yang Tianyun. The spark of admiration in their expression turning to doubt and confusion.

Yang Tianyun hadn't anticipated Mister Night Phoenix to suddenly raise his voice, and everyone heard it. She made a face, realizing she had been tricked, "You..."

Yun Qi raised his hand smoothing his windblown hair impatiently, and then lowered his hand again. Since these were normal moves, no one suspected his gestures were connected to Yang Tianyun's sudden inability to utter a single word as he lowered his hand.

She opened her mouth, but no sound came out. Terrified, she closed her eyes tightly.

Yun Canglan came closer to Yang Tianyun and whispered in her ear, "What? No time like the present? You are going to kill the Emperor and seize his power today? You are not afraid of anything?" Yun Canglan deliberately asked in a loud voice, making sure everyone could hear.

Yang Gezhi, was nearest to them, and wore a secret smile because he knew Yang Tianyun didn't say anything. Emperor Ling was anxious, but he couldn't move or speak. His face turned a bright beet red, and everyone assumed it was because he was fuming at Yang Tianyun.

Yun Canglan continued whispering to Yang Tianyun and then loudly telling blowing her secret plans, "What? How can you do this? You seduced Emperor Ling and used him for your gain, now you plan on killing him? Wait? What is that? The father of your unborn baby is Emperor Ling? Why did you frame Yang Gezhi? He is too powerful and you have to hold him down by the strength of the masses? Oh my god, Princess Tianyun, you are such an evil, manipulative lady."

Yang Tianyun had turned scarlet red and she tried in vain to explain, but there was still no sound. In people's eyes, she whispered in Mister Night Phoenix's ear with a ferocious expression. All the people believed Mister Night Phoenix's words.

Yun Canglan nodded, pretending to agree with Yang Tianyun's words, "I agree with you entirely on this point. Women can be emperors, and that is quite ambitious of you. What, you told the imperial and city guards to rise up and rebel against the imperial family today? But, it's the Blind Date Festival. I don't think that's a very good idea. What? You want to kill Emperor Ling? That's not a good idea either. After all, Emperor Ling is the father of your baby."

"Mister Night Phoenix, I'm going to kill you..." Yang Tianyun suddenly regained her voice, and everyone heard her, which reinforced the people that Princess Tianyun, their goddess, was a ruthless yet common slut, with a horrible temper. She set a trap for Prince Qingzhuo, and even planned on murdering her father and usurping the throne. People thought they had been blinded before because they believed she was a soft, virtuous lady.

Yun Canglan immediately jumped back, giving Yang Tianyun a fearful loo

Yun Canglan's smile vanished as she coldly explained, "Yes, Yang Tianyun. I knew everything. How you plotted with Mister Yao Xi and had Prince Ning killed instead of you. You asked Mister Yao Xi to use Prince Ning's Mansion as the stronghold for the Shuihuang Firm and planned to murder Prince Ning using Feng Yun'er's knife. You killed Prince Ning to reach your goals, but you weren't aware that I, Mister Night Phoenix, the strongest rival of Mister Yao Xi, was dragged into your game because you didn't realize Feng Yun'er is my sworn sister. Mister Yao Xi left when he lost. Without Mister Yao Xi's help, you had to try and win Yang Gezhi to your side. But Yang Gezhi is Feng Yun'er's man. You even used a love potion, and Yang Gezhi still wouldn't touch you or sleep with you. Then, you had another idea. At the Blind Date Festival, you would deliberately dry heave, letting everyone know you are pregnant. You told the people that the baby was Yang Gezhi's, so he was cast aside, and you gained more support. Once more, you were wrong. You didn't anticipate I would be here to expose your plot to overthrow the Ling Kingdom."

Yang Tianyun fell to the ground, her face ashen with the realization that she was done for.

Yang Gezhi stood up, staring at Yun Canglan. He was so grateful for her.

Qin Liuren was shocked and looked at Yun Canglan with curious, searching eyes. It was said Mister Night Phoenix was god-like, and Qin Liuren realized today, he indeed was. Mister Night Phoenix turned the Ling Kingdom upside down without losing a soldier. Mister Night Phoenix was level-headed and had the situation well in hand as if this were common-place for him. Mister Night Phoenix deserved the title as the top of the Nine prominent Figures, for he was the most potent rival.

Xi Zhiyao lowered his head, and nobody could see his expression.

Shui Minghan still stood beside Yun Canglan ready to protect her. No one noticed his cold face softening, because they were all too busy, gawking at Yun Canglan and Yang Tianyun.

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