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   Chapter 177 Yang Tianyun's True Colors

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7685

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Hearing that Feng Yun'er, the boss of the Fengyun Firm, was the sworn sister of Mister Night Phoenix, who was the top of the Nine Prominent Figures, everyone present was shocked.

Those who were unaware of the truth decided, 'Indeed this is a powerful union.'

Luckily, no one was watching at that moment, or they would have seen the tiny smile on Shui Minghan's face as he stared dotingly over at Yun Canglan. Qin Liuren remained expressionless when he caught on to what Mister Night Phoenix was saying, 'Was Feng Yun'er making a joke out of me when she said that she loved me?' he wondered.

When Mister Night Phoenix announced his relationship with Feng Yun'er, Xi Zhiyao was stunned, then, his face darkened. However, his expression softened as quickly, after looking around and noticing the figure wearing white, sitting leisurely, and watching the drama unfold.

Although Yun Canglan wasn't on the altar, she could see the facial expressions of those on the altar, including Xi Zhiyao's look of doubt.

Prince Xiaoyao was indeed clever. Fortunately, Yun Canglan asked Yun Yu ahead of time, to come disguised as Feng Yun'er. Otherwise, Xi Zhiyao might discover her true identity.

Emperor Ling understood now, Mister Night Phoenix was stirring up trouble.

It was rumored that Mister Night Phoenix didn't play by rules. He was was willful, ruthless, and he even managed to stop a war between two kingdoms in one night. Now, he announced he was related to the Fengyun Firm? It was like a tiger that grew wings, and if he wanted to stir up trouble in the Ling Kingdom, Emperor Ling could not stop him.

Emperor Ling was soaked in his sweat. He peered down at Yang Tianyun kneeling on the ground. He wouldn't be surprised if he knew Yang Tianyun was considering what countermeasures to take.

Yang Tianyun was clever after all, and had many ideas.

She signaled secretly Emperor Ling, which prompted him to timidly ask Mister Night Phoenix, "Mister Night Phoenix, please, tell me which of my daughters offended your sworn sister, and I'll punish her for sure."

Yun Canglan waved her hand replying, "Your Majesty, I do not want you to lift a finger for me. I'll punish her on behalf of my sister. There were two princesses who offended my sister. I'll settle with them, one at a tim

yun, are you sure you can overtake me? Don't you know the Medical Sage and Poison Sage are worthy adversaries?" Yun Canglan smiled as she inquired.

Yang Tianyun was arrogant; she knew she had a well-thought-out plan, "Yes, I am aware the Medical Sage and Poison Sage are worthy. The Poison Sage is said to be able to kill a person a hundred meters away. But, so what? Can he single-handedly block an entire, powerful army?"

"A powerful army?" Yun Canglan frowned, which was clearly seen by Yang Tianyun. Yang Tianyun smiled, "Right, a powerful army. Are you afraid now?"

"Princess Tianyun, don't make such tales up, where is this powerful army? Don't brag; I know you fear me. You don't have to bite off more than you can chew." Yun Canglan shook her head, in apparent disbelief, she didn't believe Yang Tianyun.

Yang Tianyun wasn't mad and slowly bragged, "I have 3, 000 imperial guards and 10, 000 city guards. Is that a powerful army?"

Yun Canglan said seriously, "Princess Tianyun, you are joking again. 3, 000 imperial guards and 10, 000 city guards would indeed form a powerful army, but, they belong to Emperor Ling. How could you command them, you are but a princess?"

Yang Tianyun was elated seeing the grave, contemplative look on Mister Night Phoenix, "No, I am not joking. To be honest with you the 3, 000 imperial guards, as well as the 10, 000 city guards, are under my control now. Father agreed with it. Right, father?"

Emperor Ling fixed his eyes on Yang Tianyun as if his soul was owned by her.

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