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   Chapter 176 Sworn Brother and Sister

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 8774

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Yang Gezhi didn't understand why Yang Tianyun was always so hard on him.

When the crowd heard Yang Tianyun's accusations, they burst into an uproar. They threw hateful words and glared at Yang Gezhi, who sat there, innocently.

"Prince Qingzhuo committed incest."

"Mister Yang is a hypocrite."

"Princess Tianyun looks so pitiful. Prince Qingzhuo is a bastard."

"He's a beast, not a human."

"He's been feigning innocence. How disgusting!"

Qin Liuren, Xi Zhiyao and Shui Minghan chuckled, now it was Yang Gezhi feeling the heat. Yang Gezhi decided he had rotten luck. Officials who sided with Yang Gezhi looked at each other and began to change their views.

Below the altar, Yang Tianyun told of her harrowing experience, "Some days ago, I was about to go to bed, but Prince Qingzhuo showed up, saying he had something important to talk to me about. It was already midnight, and not proper for Prince Qingzhuo and I to be alone. So, I rejected him. He insisted it was a very important matter and had to discuss it with me; I had to let him in. Soon after, there was a strange scent that left me feeling weak all over. Then...? Then, Prince Qingzhuo said he...he said he loved me...waah..."

Yang Tianyun was obviously clever. Some days ago, Yang Gezhi was found in her bed. There were many servants who knew about it. Now, she exposed it to everyone, and the servants became her witnesses.

Many officials changed sides. They glared at Yang Gezhi as though he were a creep. Common folk watching, began pointing, and spewing filthy words at Yang Gezhi.

Yang Gezhi turned pale watching his worst fears come to life. He didn't care what Yang Tianyun was plotting or how she stood there, slandering him. He more concerned about whether or not Yun Canglan would believe Yang Tianyun's lies.

Yang Gezhi searched the crowd to see if he saw the white figure, and was relieved that he didn't.

Emperor Ling became blustery and indignant, "This actually happened a few days ago. Lady Yun'er of the Fengyun Firm was there that day, so I had to let Yang Gezhi go."

He explained to the crowd truthfully. People thought the boss of the Fengyun Firm had used her power to bully Princess Tianyun.

Emperor Ling turned to see the reactions of Xi Zhiyao, Qin Liuren, and Shui Minghan. When he saw they were not siding with Yang Gezhi and had no intentions of getting involved, he grew bolder still.

"Tianyun, rest assured, Yang Gezhi will face justice for the atrocity he committed against you! I'll see him punished." Emperor Ling faced Yang Gezhi shouting angrily, "Insubordinate bastard, come here now and

er unborn than untaught, Emperor Ling. I want you to explain that, first."

'First?' Thought Emperor Ling.

Yun Canglan continued, "My sister is a businesswoman. She offended no one, yet your daughter allied with another to work against my sister, and even went so far to set a trap for my sister. Emperor Ling, she is so mean. Although my sister hasn't boosted the Ling Kingdom's economy, she made certain to contribute to it. You shouldn't be burning your bridges after crossing. I want you to explain that, secondly."

'Secondly?' Emperor Ling wiped cold sweat from his forehead.

"Your other daughter misunderstood my sister and believed my sister planned on seducing her man. My sister has high standards when determining a boyfriend. But your daughter insulted my sister anyway! Emperor Ling, I'm not from a famous clan or a royal family, but I have made a name for myself, as Mister Night Phoenix, which is known throughout the seven kingdoms. You daughter insulted my sister, ergo, she insulted me, indirectly. I want you to explain that, thirdly."

'Thirdly? Is she finished?' Emperor Ling wondered.

"That's all." Yun Canglan added.

Several people on the altar were frowning, wondering who Mister Night Phoenix was talking about. Under the altar, Yang Gezhi seemed to have figured it out, while the cunning Yang Tianyun understood completely.

Emperor Ling looked calm but inside he wasn't, "Really? You are telling the truth? Mister Night Phoenix, may I ask, who is your sworn sister? I can investigate your claims if you tell me."

Yun Canglan abruptly flipped her White Jade Fan open, waving it back and forth. In a grave voice, she disclosed to Emperor Ling, "My sworn sister is Feng Yun'er, boss of the Fengyun Firm."

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