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   Chapter 175 Qin Liuren Refuses to Marry Yang Tianxin (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5976

Updated: 2018-10-18 00:14

Emperor Ling feared Qin Liuren's threat, because, the Feng Kingdom was much stronger than the Ling Kingdom.

"Thank you, Emperor Feng. Thank you for your kindness. I will teach this unfilial daughter a lesson. Please, be assured." Emperor Ling apologized as he wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. His heart sank, his plan would not work without support from the Feng Kingdom.

Xi Zhiyao, Shui Minghan, and Yang Gezhi went stiff. The three of them managed to unite together against a strong enemy, but the enemy was more cunning and easily escaped their trap. They needed to give the matter further thought and then discuss it later.

In the future, they would think of friends and foes carefully, to prevent any retaliation from any future foes.

With the drama over, people not on the altar turned, eyes fixated on the Blind Date Bridge. A wretched Emperor Ling sat on altar and every now and then gave Yang Tianyun a quick glance. Lady De was too profoundly distraught over the death of her son and had no intentions of arguing with Qin Liuren on behalf of her daughter.

Over on the bridge, a man and a lady came together, forming a couple. According to rules, Emperor Ling would decree the marriage of the couple. The eunuch behind Emperor Ling took out a decree and gave it to Emperor Ling, who filled in the names and turned to Yang Tianyun, "Tianyun, announce the decree for me."

Yang Tianyun stood gracefully and took the decree. She smiled, "Yes, Your Majesty."

Yang Tianyun went down the altar with the decree in her hands. She stood in front of the bridge, enjoying people's adoring eyes and the accolades she received. She turned to the couple who were kneeling before her and slowly unfolded the decree, "It's the will of God and the command of the Emperor tha

alked with each other, discussing the matter.

Xi Zhiyao, Qin Liuren and Shui Minghan watched indifferently, considering, it was none of their business. However, Yang Gezhi was growing increasingly restless.

Emperor Ling fumed as he spoke loudly, "Tianyun, just tell me the man's name. I'm your father, and I am the Emperor of the Ling Kingdom! We have the Emperor of the Feng Kingdom, Prince of the Jin Kingdom as well as the Prince of the Lie Kingdom all here too. Just say who it was before everyone, and he will receive punishment for what was done to you."

His words encouraged Yang Tianyun. She raised her tear-stained face, and she looked even more pitiful than Yang Tianxin. She knelt in front of Emperor Ling, and hesitated for a moment as though she was making up her mind and stammered, "Father...waah...oh father, please help me..."

Tears streamed down Yang Tianyun's cheeks.

People's hearts twisted in pain seeing the sight.

Emperor Ling continued encouraging Yang Tianyun, "Tianyun, just tell me the truth. Who is he?"

Yang Tianyun cast a timid glance at someone sitting on the altar and then cried loudly, "He...he did it! It was Prince Qingzhuo...waah..."

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