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   Chapter 174 Qin Liuren Refuses to Marry Yang Tianxin (Part One)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5742

Updated: 2018-10-18 00:04

Yang Tianxin's face paled. She quivered, speechless with shock. She plaintively looked at Qin Liuren, and tears were running down her cheeks.

Emperor Ling sputtered, his face contorting. He wanted to say something, he needed to say something, the problem was, he didn't know what to say. 'What...what...what did he say?

They were just friends? If you were just friends, why have you come to the Ling Kingdom every year to meet Tianxin? Why have you held Tianxin's hand, if you were just friends? If you were just friends. why do you always say that only Tianxin is in your heart? Why send Tianxin a handkerchief and wear her perfumed medicine bag, is that something just friends do? Why keep Tianxin waiting for for three years, if you are just friends?'

As a father, Emperor Ling had the desire to argue his daughter's happiness with Qin Liuren. He admittedly also wanted to build a close relationship with Qin Liuren through the marriage. In the end, though, the old Emperor Ling was too timid, far too precautious, and he didn't dare argue with Qin Liuren.

Yang Tianxin, however, was bold enough.

She stood up and turned to Qin Liuren with tears running down her face. Such a weeping beauty, anyone seeing her in this state, would feel the desire to protect her. She confronted Qin Liuren, "Why though, dearest Wu Jin, why? You promised that you would marry me."

Qin Liuren turned away, ignoring her.

He felt weird, before, he worried about her, but now, instead, he was a little annoyed.

Even if she had been the one to save him, there was no reason the repayment should be himself.

Qin Liuren's reaction made Yang Tianxin grow louder, "Dear Wu Jin, what's wrong? What is wrong with you? Talk

saved me?"

Yang Tianxin went rigid, dodging Qin Liuren's eyes. If, as usual, she could be audacious, and tell him, yes, but Qin Liuren was unusually ferocious, and she couldn't find the courage to respond.

"Only the Medical Sage has the knowledge and skill to replace a heart. Are you saying the imperial physician is the Medical Sage? Tianxin, you've been lying to me all this time!" Yang Tianxin's reaction convinced Qin Liuren he was right. It turned out he had been lied for almost three years. Yang Tianxin hadn't saved him.

Since it wasn't Tianxin, was it Yun Canglan who had saved him? But Yun Canglan... Only the Medical Sage could replace a heart. Yun Canglan wasn't able to ask the Medical Sage to save him, was she?

Qin Liuren never wanted to see Yang Tianxin again. He faced Emperor Ling, "Emperor Ling, the fact that Yang Tianxin did not save me is clear, on top of that, she has lied to me for over three years. I do not have to marry her, and I haven't settled accounts with you yet." If Emperor Ling still held the stupid notion of Qin Liuren marrying Yang Tianxin, he would settle accounts with the old Emperor now.

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