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   Chapter 173 An Acquaintance (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 4960

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Mister Yang was gentle, but he was not a pushover or fool. He looked at the three envious rivals in love as he mocked coldly, "What's more, even though she does have a lover, it isn't you."

Xi Zhiyao screwed his eyes up to hide his feelings. No one knew what he was thinking, but his resentment was becoming increasingly noticeable.

Qin Liuren looked icy. He was envious of Yang Gezhi, even though he didn't know whether or not he loved Yun Canglan. He had suspected Yun Canglan was his rescuer, but he was still not sure.

Shui Minghan remained calm. After all, the ruthless Yun Canglan had relationships with many men. He knew how she felt about Yang Gezhi from the looks she gave. She had a higher opinion of Yang Gezhi than she had of him, but, her love was not deep at all.

Yang Gezhi flattened his sleeves with his long fingers, "Prince Xiaoyao, I heard you and Canglan had an engagement? I heard Canglan talking about it, Prince Xiaoyao, you are serious about the childish prank?"

His words succeeded in deflecting the looks of envy, as Qin Liuren and Shui Minghan looked over to Xi Zhiyao.

Xi Zhiyao was as cunning as a fox though. He shamelessly admitted, "Alas! Canglan is as heartless as she is passionate, and she didn't mean her honeyed words, so they don't count. However, only a few days ago Canglan confessed her love for the Emperor of the Feng Kingdom. I wonder, has that gone up in smoke already?"

Now, Yang Gezhi and Shui Minghan diverted angr

uch a clever and considerate girl!

"Sister…" Yang Tianxin called to her sister shyly as she peeked quickly to Qin Liuren, who sat above her. Her eyes bespoke of her infatuation for Qin Liuren.

The old Emperor understood the meaningful glance from Yang Tianyun. He repositioned to a more formal sitting, gesturing as he cautiously asked, "Emperor of the Feng Kingdom, I agree with Tianyun. You come to visit Tianxin yearly. Now, Tianxin has reached her coming of age. Why don't we make a formal engagement between you on this happy day? What do you think?"

Qin Liuren's eyebrows twisted upwards in an irritated grimace. He looked down, so no one would see his expression. After quite a while, he lifted up his head once more, replying, "Your Highness, I believe you misconstrued the relationship Tianxin and I have." "Why are you about to marry her off to me? Tianxin and I are nothing more than casual acquaintances." His cold face was so frightening that the old Emperor trembled.

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