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   Chapter 171 Setting up a Pawn in the Ling Kingdom (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5381

Updated: 2018-10-16 00:25

Yun Canglan raised her voice deliberately when she told him, her gaze fell on each of the officers, who by the end, had broken out in sweat, she also gazed over at Yang Tianyun, seated in the upper seat.

As expected, as soon as Yang Tianyun heard Yun Canglan's words, there was murder in her eyes. Considering Yun Canglan dared to make it public knowledge though, Yun Canglan was not afraid of Yang Tianyun bothering her. She never exposed all her power, and Yang Tianyun would underestimate her.

"Okay, I get it." There wasn't any doubt or astonishment in Yang Gezhi's voice as he agreed smiling gently.

Yuan Fenglin was excited, and he looked from Yun Canglan to Yang Gezhi, speechless. His father's wrong would at last be righted. Wait, then did this mean he could marry Xiaojing?

Yun Canglan cleared her throat, sauntered up to Wu Xiaojing's father, who looked stunned, and glared at him scornfully, "Are you Wu Xiaojing's father?"

Wu Xiaojing's father chuckled as he leaned forward replying, "Yes, Miss Feng, how can I help you? Whatever it is, I am willing to risk any danger for you." 'She's a god of both wealth and murder. Who knows, she could suddenly become angry and destroy all my hard work. I'd better be careful, ' he told himself.

"Your daughter has crossed the Blind Date Bridge with Yuan Fenglin, and Emperor Ling has decreed their marriage, but why do you look unhappy?" Yun Canglan did not want to even speak to this man, but put the question out there anyway.

Wu Xiaojing's father smiled awkwardly, "No, I'm not unhappy. Yun Fenglin is a preeminent man. Why would I

ourteous manner, "Prince Xiaoyao, you're here now, and if you don't join us at the altar, the poor hospitality of our Ling Kingdom will be the laughingstock of the world!"

Instead of saying anything to Xi Zhiyao, Shui Minghan went right up to the old Emperor saying, "Okay, come, take me to my seat." The moment Yun Canglan winked at him, he knew she had a plan.

"But Yun'er..." Xi Zhiyao wanted to stay with Yun Canglan and whined insistently, but he was outnumbered so he gave up.

"Yun'er likes the hustle and bustle, she will probably feel constraint sitting at the altar. Let's leave her alone for now, shall we." Yang Gezhi flashed a tender smile at Yun Canglan, and she covertly gave him a thumbs up, which made his smile widen.

"Please, Prince Xiaoyao, let's not delay these couples further."

Unable to find reason to continue refusing, Xi Zhiyao glanced back at Yun Canglan before following the old Emperor and Yang Gezhi up onto the altar.

Yun Canglan watched them leave before she waved her sleeve shouting to Yun Qin and Yun Qi, "Get to work!"

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