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   Chapter 169 The Blind Date Bridge at the Blind Date Festival (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5283

Updated: 2018-10-15 00:26

"I don't think they will come together, " Xi Zhiyao said, there was a thin, knowing smile on his face.

For the first time, Shui Minghan looked at him with surprised, questioning eyes instead of hostility, "Why is that?" Xi Zhiyao's words took Yun Canglan by surprise too, and she stared at him, catching his every expression.

Looking over at the man on the bridge, Xi Zhiyao smiled confidently, explaining, "The man's family has come down in the world. He looks elegant, but he's wearing inferior clothes, which indicates that his life is difficult. His eyes are full of tenderness, so, clearly, he loves the woman very much, which leaves him conflicted. Of course, he wants to marry her, but he's afraid he won't be able to provide her a secure life. My guess is, he's going to make mistakes purposely, so they won't come together."

Surprise crossed Yun Canglan's face. Her brow furrowed, she too had seen the man's anguished inner conflict. She added quietly, "But, I'm sure they'll be together." Simple formations were laid on the bridge, and if determined, a couple would end up together. However, the man was hesitant that they could ever be together, and when she made a move, the outcome was uncertain.

"Oh?" Xi Zhiyao looked at Yun Canglan, interested.

Yun Canglan silently turned her head, intently watching the couple on the bridge.

The woman on the bridge, watched the man grow farther away from her. She began sweating and bit her lower lip anxiously till it bled. On the opposite side, the man seemed to have made up his mind. He deliberately took s

entle temperament.

"From God's blessings and the Emperor's favor, at the Blind Date Festival, sentimental Wu Xiaojing and affectionate Yuan Fenglin receive a godsend marriage. Now, Emperor Ling bestows marriage on you. So ordered by Emperor Ling."

The couple had already walked down the Blind Date Bridge and were kneeling before the altar. Hearing the imperial decree, the woman became emotional and wept tears of joy, and quickly kowtowed to express gratitude. The man knelt rigidly, showing no sign of accepting the decree, and his face steadily grew firmer.

"Will you accept this decree?" Yang Gezhi saw something was wrong, so he urged the man.

"Fenglin, what's the matter?" The woman looked puzzled and worried as she softly asked.

The man's expression was confusing as he looked down into the tear-filled eyes of his lover, suddenly feeling bad. "I..."

"You! Are you Yuan Fenglin, the third son of the Yuan Family?" The clear voice rose from the crowd. As soon as Yang Gezhi heard it, his eyes softened and a smile lit his face.

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