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   Chapter 168 The Blind Date Bridge at the Blind Date Festival (Part One)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5415

Updated: 2018-10-15 00:04

At the Blind Date Festival, the royal family offered sacrifices to their ancestors, any royalty unmarried, would pray for true love, while royalty newlywed would express gratitude for their love. All royalty were required to attend the sacrifice, and unattached royalty attended alone. Although he only recently returned home, Yang Gezhi was no exception. Therefore, at the Blind Date Festival, he did not accompany Yun Canglan, and Qin Liuren didn't escort Yang Tianxin.

After the sacrifice, royal members, including the old Emperor, would take their seats on the altar and share in the joys of marriage alongside commoners. It was this time that lovers and engaged couples, whether rich or poor, high or low class, could ask the Emperor to issue a decree of their marriage.

However, getting a decree was not simple. In front of the altar, was the Blind Date Bridge which was made from 999 wooden posts. A couple had to start from opposite ends of the bridge and head to the middle at the same time. They could step on any wooden post, and if they ended up on the same wooden post, it was considered a sign they were predestined to be together, and the Emperor himself would issue a decree declaring the two married. No one could object to the Emperor's order. Thanks to this activity, many lovers separated by class were able to marry. Even so, there were still many couples who didn't end up on the same post, which meant they did not work together with one heart.

By the time Yun Canglan and several others arrived at the altar, the royal family was seated on the altar according to rank and status. There was a

ul, yet classic appeal.

Then, there were the other children of the old Emperor, including Yang Tianxin. At some point, Qin Liuren took a very special seat, a more exalted than Yang Gezhi's place, and to the right of the old Emperor.

Which was actually entirely proper, considering that Qin Liuren was the Emperor of the second strongest country of the seven kingdoms. The Ling Kingdom was a decaying country with weak troops, so naturally, the Ling Kingdom should entertain him well.

"Do you think they will come together?" Yun Qin turned his head from the bridge to discuss the possibility with his brother.

"Maybe they can come together, who knows, they're very deeply in love." Yun Qi speculated.

Xi Zhiyao and Shui Minghan were observing the couple as well, but their attention mainly focused on Yun Canglan.

The woman on the bridge took each step cautiously, looking up at the man opposite her affectionately. Like the woman, his eyes were affectionate. He seemed overcautious with his actions, and there was a hint of pain and conflict hidden in his eyes.

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