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   Chapter 167 A Confused Qin Liuren

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Minghan, Minghan...

Her voice, calling his name, was like a magic spell swirling in Shui Minghan's mind. Yun Canglan hadn't called him Minghan in a long time.

In the years since leaving her, no one called him "Minghan". People called him Mister Wu Hen or Your Highness, even his fiancee, if she could be called that, didn't call him "Minghan." The indifferent yet intimate sound of her saying "Minghan", had haunted him on many nights. When he finally realized what he wanted and returned to her side, she was no longer willing to speak to him.

It had been two long years, and he never thought he'd hear her call him "Minghan" again. He had missed it while waiting such a long time.

"Canglan..." Shui Minghan whispered as he looked down at Yun Canglan in his arms. He was overwhelmed with mixed feelings, and tears glistened in his eyes. It was said "men do not easily shed tears", however, he couldn't help but melt into tears hearing "Minghan" fall sweetly from her lips.

But it didn't matter. As long as Canglan was happy, he would do anything for her.


Still in shock, Yun Qin and Yun Qi flew down the pagoda. They were too busy examining Yun Canglan to taunt Shui Minghan. Yun Qin took Yun Canglan's wrist, feeling her pulse, while Yun Qi checked her eyes and head.

After several minutes, Yun Qin was finally satisfied, but he had a long face, "Luckily, you are fine, Mistress. I need to remind you, your heart is unable to bear this kind of excitement." He glanced sideways at Qin Liuren with a murderous look, "You've lost half your heart to that man. Now, don't you want to keep the left half?"

Shui Minghan went rigid, but held Yun Canglan tightly. He knew what had happened three years ago as he witnessed the entire process. But he didn't realize the man Yun Canglan saved was Qin Liuren, Emperor of the Feng Kingdom.

Yun Qi gave Yun Qin a stern look, signalling to him silently, 'I thought we'd decided not to tell the Mistress.' The Mistress already had a crush on Qin Liuren, and that was without knowing half her heart was in his body. If she knew about it, she might go absolutely crazy for him.

Yun Qin went blank when he realized that he said wrong thing.

Yun Canglan acted indifferently, and blinking she asked, "How did you know that man was Qin Liuren?"

Yun Qin and Yun Qi were dumbstruck. They looked at the nonchalant Yun Canglan and asked with infinite care, "Mistress, you knew?" Three years ago, they walked past a ruined temple on their way to the Si Kingdom. There was a man in the temple suffering from "Heart-eroding" poison. Yun Canglan saw a red feather on the back of his neck and decided to save him by giving half of her heart. At the time, he had a comp

anglan answered.

Xi Zhiyao pretended to be hurt at her words, "Canglan, I'm so sad. Don't you remember our agreement?"

"It was playing a prank. I've played pranks on numerous people. Does it mean I have to be responsible for everyone?" Yun Canglan began to snatch brides and grooms when she was five. Teasing handsome men was as normal as taking food to her. If she should be responsible for everyone, she would have to be much more famous than Yu Liuying.

Xi Zhiyao rubbed his nose, "But I took it seriously, Canglan. You've broken my heart."

Yun Canglan said impatiently, "Are you done now? I'm going to watch the drama. If you want to join us, then come along; if you don't, get out of the way."

"I could not refuse an invitation from you, Canglan."

Shui Minghan walked ahead with Yun Canglan in his arms. Xi Zhiyao walked beside them. Yun Qin and Yun Qi followed them chatting. The five people walked past Qin Liuren, but nobody looked at him as if he was invisible.

Qin Liuren watched their receding figures helplessly.

He felt a stabbing pain his heart when Yun Canglan completely ignored him.

"Your Highness, is Canglan heavy? Let me hold her, okay?"

"Your Highness, you are so strong. Hey, I know, Canglan, get down and ask the Prince to carry me in his arms."

"Canglan, the Prince must be getting tired. You should get down and let him take a break."

"Your Highness, how is Emperor Lie?" "Your Highness, if Emperor Lie knew you were so close to a lady, that would not be good for you."

"Canglan, I lift weights these days. Let me lift you, okay?"

Yun Qin and Yun Qi sneered at Xi Zhiyao, "Prince Xiaoyao, you are very talkative."

A figure in red stood among the crowds. Seeing the five forms receding, he suddenly unclenched his fists and walked away looking desolate.

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