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   Chapter 166 Give Up

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7293

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As Yue Ying followed his Master through the streets, he realized that even on such a lively and festive day, Qin Liuren remained indifferent with a frosty demeanor. His scowl even scared the girls, so those who were interested made eyes and flirted safely from a distance.

Qin Liuren cast a long shadow as he stood at the base of the pagoda. He anxiously looked around, searching for someone or something.

He seemed to have difficulty because of the many people who crowded the streets during this light-hearted Blind Date Festival.

Looking down at the figure standing at the foot of the pagoda, Yun Canglan wanted to materialize in front of him and see if it surprised him when she appeared. He was searching for the one who took his scarf and high above, looked into the distance.

"Mistress, it's cold up here. Let's go downstairs now." Yun Qin was concerned. He hoped there would be no disturbance tonight, but as usual, when Qin Liuren appeared, Yun Canglan would find trouble.

Yun Canglan looked down at Qin Liuren and coldly stated, "It's nice up here, and I can see quite far."

Qin Liuren, who was a discerning man, sensed Yun Canglan's gaze and suddenly looked up, and into her eyes.

He caught the surprised look in her eyes, at the moment their eyes met, but, she only saw coldness reflected in his.

Something was missing, and Yun Canglan's heart sank.

"Qin Liuren!" Yun Canglan called down. Her voice was brisk and particularly clear on this dark night, which drew attention from cheerful people who stood chatting and laughing at the foot of the pagoda.

They discussed the elegant girl with the two handsome men in the pagoda.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi exchanged looks. They had a bad feeling.

Yun Canglan didn't notice the crowd; she only had eyes for Qin Liuren. She reflected on when she first met Qin Liuren, how her heart fluttered, her rude confessions of love, her secret contest with another girl, her heroic utterances, and her repeated expressions of love. She studied Qin Liuren quietly for a long time while she meditated on her thoughts, and decided finally one last time.

She called down again, "Qin Liuren, tell me one last time

en, she felt as light as a feather. A carefree, fearless feeling replaced her apprehension and worry.

'Qin Liuren, you are finally rid of me! I give up. Congratulations.'

Suddenly, a man flew through the crowd heading straight toward the falling form. However, Yun Canglan was too just out of reach. She was falling too fast, and he couldn't reach her.

Xi Zhiyao was covered in sweat. He had gathered all his strength, but, he failed and could only watch now as the white figure fell to the earth like a butterfly with broken wings. Anxiety and pain etched on his face, but he still couldn't catch the falling person.

'Damn. What in the hell is that crazy girl doing?'

A second figure dressed all in black shot out from behind the pagoda, who was much faster than Xi Zhiyao. He was like a soaring hawk rushing down with incredible speed. One could see he was noticeably anxious, in spite of his grace and agility. A long shadow fell on the spectators from the sky as he passed overhead. Before people could see him clearly, he caught Yun Canglan, holding her firmly in his arms.

Yun Canglan didn't even need to open her eyes to know the cold figure who saved her.

She never expected him to reappear after so long. Hadn't he given up? She had given up, yet, he persisted.

Yun Canglan's eyelashes fluttered as she slowly opened her eyes. Looking at the man with the cold, gloomy scowl, she smiled at him, "Long time no see, Minghan."

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