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   Chapter 165 Blind Date Festival

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 8884

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Yang Tianxin's heart pounded in her chest, and she dodged Qin Liuren's eyes, pretending to be calm, "Dear Wu Jin, why do you ask?"

"Tianxin, you have medical skills that I do not know about." Qin Liuren stared at Yang Tianxin coldly, trying to see through her. Faced with his expression of curiosity and doubt, Yang Tianxin became panicked inside and dared not meet his eyes with hers.


"There are so few people in the world who know how to replace the heart. Tianxin, where did you learn to do that?" Qin Liuren gave Yang Tianxin a hard look. His eyes full of disappointment, instead of the gentleness she was used to seeing.

"I..." Yang Tianxin lowered her head. She rolled her eyes as she came up with an excuse, "An old imperial physician was with me at the time. He was on his way home and passed by there. We saved you together. His son came to collect him before you woke up."

Her explanation left a lot of loopholes, and Qin Liuren, was no fool, so he probed deeper, "Why were you there in the first place?"

Yang Tianxin gave Qin Liuren a wounded look, "Dearest Wu Jin, you doubt me? My dear Wu Jin, what is wrong with you? We've been together for three years. During the last three years, you've never once treated me like this. It is only since meeting Yun Canglan, you are attracted to her. Now, you even doubt me. Wu Jin, my love, don't forget I gave you half of my heart to save you..."

Tears were streaming down Yang Tianxin's face. Qin Liuren was flabbergasted and immediately explained, "Tianxin...I...I didn't mean it that way..."

Yang Tianxin threw herself at Qin Liuren, and into his arms crying, "Dear Wu Jin, what should I do? Yun Canglan would do anything to snatch you from me, and I'm so afraid. Waah..."

Qin Liuren regretted having accused her unjustly and any doubts vanished to thin air. He held Yang Tianxin tightly.

Yun Qi couldn't bear seeing the two of them anymore. He had planned to take this opportunity to clear the bowls and chopsticks while exploring the enemy's situation to tell Mr. Tianyan. But he didn't expect Qin Liuren to be such an idiot.

Yun Qi dropped the bowls and chopsticks, allowing them to crash loudly and walked over to Qin Liuren and Yang Tianxin. In a cold voice he reminded Yang Tianxin, "I just wanted to remind you, there is only one person who could replace a heart and that is Yun Qin, the Medical Sage."

Qin Liuren and Yang Tianxin went rigid. Watching Yun Qi's receding figure, Qin Liuren lost in his private thoughts. Yun Qin...Yun Qin...This name sounded so familiar.

Yang Tianxin gave Yun Qi's figure a ferocious look as she buried her face in Q

going. Yun Qin looked around. The walls were ancient looking, and the paintings on the walls were peeling off. Even so, they could clearly make out where they were in the candlelight, "Seems we have wandered into a pagoda."

The paintings on the walls were renderings of everyday Buddhist monk life. Depicted in some were monks sitting, others were praying while some showed monks on lotus thrones, and others even depicted monks practicing kung fu. There was a pod with Buddhist incenses burning in a corner. There was a Buddhist light permeating the entire pagoda.

There was a pagoda in Ling City which had many worshipers, and they had unexpectedly wandered into that pagoda.

Yun Canglan walked to the pagoda's balcony and looked down at Ling City. The city was ablaze with candlelight. The air was filled with lively chatting and laughter floating up from everywhere. The dancing candlelight created beautiful images.

They were positioned relatively high, about five or six stories up, which was more than 20 meters above the city. They could see the people clearly as they walked on the street, and the people on the ground would have seen them if they looked up.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi stood close to Yun Canglan. It was quite a view overlooking the city by candles, but also dangerous, with a rail that was low, reaching only halfway up the knee.

Yun Canglan remained silent as she kept a close eye on a man under the pagoda. He was a tall, strong looking figure, who was casually walking toward the pagoda. Although he appeared to be out for a leisurely stroll, there was some expectation and anxiety in his steps.

"Mistress...?" Yun Qin and Yun Qi looked to where Yun Canglan was intently watching, and saw the figure stop right under the pagoda.

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