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   Chapter 163 Having Fate But Not Being Lucky

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"Okay, fine, " Yang Tianxin agreed, clenching her jaw tightly. She did not know who Luosui was or why Wu Jin had kept her jade pendant, she believed all she needed to do was ask him for it, and he would give it to her.

"I hope you will honor your word, " she said in a cocksure manner. Her confidence repulsed Yun Canglan.

"Then by all means, please return the jade pendant quickly, Your Highness. Who knows, if you do not, I may go back on my word."

"You..." Yang Tianxin gnashed her teeth angrily. "Don't worry. I'll bring it to you soon." Then as she was leaving Yun Canglan stopped her, "Your Highness, you are leaving so soon?" To her, Yun Canglan was a lady of mystery.

Yang Tianxin looked back at Yun Canglan, "Is there something else, Miss Yun?"


"No?" 'Then why are you asking me?' Yang Tianxin asked herself.

"No, " Yun Canglan repeated, as she glanced at her out the corner of her eye, "Can't I talk to you for a while without wanting something else? Maybe we'll be sisters."

Sisters? Yang Tianxin's face darkened, immediately, she knew exactly what Yun Canglan meant.

She looked as if she was about to explode, but somehow suppressed the rage and forced an awkward and strange looking smile onto her face.

"Please, don't say that again, Miss Yun. After all, it's not nice."

'Look at her, this is what a lady is, such a show of good manners and virtue!' The performance was an eye-opener for Yun Canglan.

Yun Canglan was tired of Yang Tianxin's perfect simulation, and she felt a need to shatter it, "Your Highness, you don't have put up fronts around me. I'm accustomed to seeing the struggles in the imperial household and the masks people put up. So Your Highness let down your mask. It's not you."

The color left Yang Tianxin's face, but she restrained her fury, "Miss Yun, please be polite."

"I am being polite."

Instantly, Yang Tianxin's eyes were afire. Glaring at Yun Canglan, her virtue and good manners vanished as she lost her temper, "Don't push me too far, Yun Canglan, " her features all twisted in her fury, as she exploded.

"I push you?" 'I didn't push you, because what I push isn't a person, ' Yun Canglan taunted in her mind.

"Didn't you push me? You're so mean, Yun Canglan! I have tolerated your reproach, and I endured your blatant seduction of Wu Jin! But now? Now you're intentionally trying to piss me off! Wu Jin is mine, do you understand me! Who are you? Yo

Tapping on his chest he proclaimed, "Half of her heart is here."

Yun Canglan was stupefied, waiting for him to go on.

"Three years ago, I fell prey to a plot, and suffered the poison of heart-eroding. I was unconscious in a ruined temple, and despite the risks to her own safety, Tianxin gave half her heart and saved me. Now, half my heart is hers. How could I not love her?"

Yun Canglan's face grew as cold as the ice in her frosty eyes and she asked, "How do you know it was Yang Tianxin?"

"When I woke, she was there alone with me. She knew about my wound, and she had the same scar on her chest that I had. How could it not be her?"

Yun Canglan smiled weakly, "Yang Tianxin, you're good. As I thought, the women of the Ling Kingdom are amazing."

Qin Liuren looked at Canglan, puzzled, "What do you mean?"

"Your Yang Tianxin has such great medical skills, that she is able to change hearts. Qin Liuren, you have such a treasure, " Yun Canglan laughed, but Qin Liuren didn't understand why she was laughing.

"I see, I see. This is the so-called having fate but not being lucky, hahaha..."

When Qin Liuren looked at Yun Canglan, he felt a strange prick to his heart suddenly. He bent over in pain, with his hand on his heart, as beads of sweat appeared on his brow.

Yun Canglan smiled sadly, at nothing in particular, as if he wasn't there.

"Qin Liuren, you said you loved Yang Tianxin. Okay, love her. I don't want you anymore. You can love her, love her, " she said, word for word.

'You love a woman you don't even know, Qin Liuren. I no longer want you now, ' Inwardly Yun Canglan sneered.

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