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   Chapter 162 Yang Tianxin Visits

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 8748

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Yang Gezhi told her, "I have just finished something. Be right there." Now that he was not able to reside at Yu's Residence, he had to visit Yun Canglan secretly, which was becoming troublesome. Yang Gezhi worried when he didn't get to see her, especially considering Qin Liuren and Xi Zhiyao were living right there, in the Beauty House, and they were both pursuing Yun Canglan.

Yun Canglan was puzzled about what was wrong with Yang Gezhi. He was acting very strangely.

"What's this?" Yang Gezhi asked when he saw the silk scarf in Yun Canglan's hands. Before Yun Canglan had a chance to say anything, Yang Gezhi took the scarf from her hands. He held it between two fingers, examining it and with a look of disgust asked, "Are you heading to the toilet?"

Yang Lian was mortified, but Yun Qin and Yun Qi burst into laughter. It caught them off guard that the genteel Mister Yang would talk like that.

There was nothing Yang Lian could do since it was Prince Qingzhuo.

A dejected En Ying looked down, putting his hand over his chest, in a guarded manner. There was no reason to take it out now.

Yun Canglan didn't say anything, as the scarf in Yang Gezhi's hands fell, the embroidery became soiled in the dirt.

"Miss Liuying! Miss Liuying!" A breathless Uncle Yu shouted as he ran over to Yun Canglan. He stopped in his tracks, shocked at Yang Gezhi's presence.

"What's wrong?" Inquired Yun Canglan as she raised her brow.

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed by the unexpected and high ranking guests, it took a moment before Uncle Yu remembered why he was there, "Miss Liuying, the fourteen princess is here. She said she wanted to meet you, so she decided to stop in for a visit."

Yun Canglan narrowed her eyes coldly. Yang Tianxin was looking for her, not Qin Liuren. Her intentions were clear.

"Show her to my yard." Yun Canglan told the old servant as she turned and arrogantly flounced off toward her room, "Yun Qin, Yun Qi, send any unrelated people away, and then come help me dress and apply my make up for me." She called over her shoulder as she walked away.

Yang Tianxin knew Yun Canglan's identity, so it was not necessary to disguise herself for Yang Tianxin.

En Ying's back was slumped, and he looked bleak as he silently walked away.

Yang Lian hadn't regained his composure.

Dejected, Yang Gezhi stood there, unsure what to do. He wasn't sure if he was related to Yun Canglan in her eyes, and anything related to Qin Liuren would influence Yun Canglan. He wanted to stay.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi saw Yang Gezhi standing there, looking oblivious, and won

the price.

Yun Canglan's eyes were cold and murderous, scaring Yang Tianxin, but she was sure to get what she wanted, so she thought nothing of the look. As quickly as a change in weather, Yun Canglan went from sinister to a pure, harmless smile.

"You think I would exchange that hairpin for the scarf?"

Yang Tianxin's smile froze, and slipped, "Don't you recognize this hairpin, Yun Canglan?"

"Yes, I do."

"Then you know this is your grandfather's." Yang Tianxin couldn't understand what Yun Canglan was thinking. She must value the hairpin, or she wouldn't have been astonished seeing it, but now she acted as though it meant nothing to her.

Yun Canglan grinned, "Sure I know that, but since it is my grandfather's, shouldn't you return it to my grandfather? Why would you give it to me?" 'Qin Liuren, I will have my revenge for the way you have insulted me!' Yun Canglan avowed silently.

Yang Tianxin was becoming nervous, "But, your grandfather gave it to Wu Jin as a token of..." Suddenly she stopped.

Yun Canglan gave her a long penetrating glare, "What was that you were saying? Aren't you clever?"

"You..." Yang Tianxin stopped, and looked at Yun Canglan. She finally saw there was no way to threaten her. She sounded defeated as she asked, "How can I get Wu Jin's scarf back?"

Yun Canglan deliberated as she stroked her chin, "You will give me whatever I want?"

Yang Tianxin replied through gritted teeth, "Yes, anything! Anything that is except Wu Jin."

"Good. I want the jade plate that Qin Liuren took from me."

"What jade plate?" Yang Tianxin wanted to know.

"Wu Jin snatched my jade plate that has the word Luosui engraved on it. If you return it to me, I will exchange it for the scarf."

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