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   Chapter 161 Sending A Handkerchief

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7341

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The Shuihuo Calendar Year was 1014, and one fine autumn day, there were 209 people killed in the Prince Ning's House of the Ling Kingdom. The totals included servants, guards, concubines and even wet nurses. Several of the streets were bathed in blood, and people in Ling City were terrified. As the news reached the other six kingdoms, worldwide, everyone was horrified and frightened at such a senseless slaughter.

Prince Ning's head was hung in doorway of the palace for three days. People in Ling City paid their respects by spitting on the rotting head, expressing their digust. The royal family of the Ling Kingdom was enraged and swore vengeance on the killer. The pain Lady De experienced over losing her beloved son had her bedridden. Emperor Ling didn't care about the massacre; he was so wrapped up in his infatuation of beauties. Officials gradually decided Prince Qingzhuo was the only one who could be trusted and sided with him. No one had suspected the fourth princess, Yang Tianyun, to rise, and, seizing half the power Prince Ning had, put herself against Prince Qingzhuo.

People of the Ling Kingdom would choose Prince Qingzhuo over Prince Ning, absolutely. However, between Princess Tianyun and Prince Qingzhuo, they were not sure which to choose.

In the people's minds, Princess Tianyun was a goddess. She was kindhearted, gentle, virtuous and quiet. The entire kingdom knew her to be intelligent and beautiful. She excelled at chess, playing the lute, calligraphy, and painting, as well as verses, ditties, odes, and songs. Her talents were far superior to any other lady. They didn't care whether a man or woman led the Ling Kingdom as long as they were prosperous.

If they could only see their goddess now, sitting atop an old man, naked, as she conquered him.

Princess Tianyun had one more puppet now, Emperor Ling.

Meanwhile, at the Yu's Residence, Yun Qin and Yun Qi stood godlike, in front of the gate of Lady Liuying's yard. Their hands were on their hips as they stared angrily at the two people in front of them.

Yun Qi demanded, "What are you doing here?"

Yang Lian saw En Ying standing there, and wondered what he was doing here. En Ying was a

aside, his eyes darkening as he gazed at him.

Yang Gezhi went right up to Yun Canglan as if he didn't see the other two men. He adoringly stared into her eyes, "Why are you wearing so little?" He asked in a soothing tone, as his long fingers smoothed back stray strands of Yun Canglan's hair.

Yang Lian's jaw dropped in shock.

What was going on? This was Prince Qingzhuo, whose nickname was Mister Yang. He was admired by thousands of people in the Ling Kingdom, and adored by people across the world. Why was he here addressing this lady in such gentle tones?

Knowing the truth of the situation, En Ying stood quietly to one side, even though it stung his heart to watch the beautiful scene.

Yang Gezhi smiled, doting on Yun Canglan. He pulled his robe off, draping it over her shoulders. His voice was melodic as he chided her, "It's cold outside, you should have more on. I'll be unable to ask the Medical Sage and Poison Sage to treat you if you become ill."

"Why are you here?" Yang Tianyun rose to power overnight. He should be very busy right at this moment, since every citizen in the Ling Kingdom, officials and commoners alike, were choosing sides. Yang Tianyun was indeed a capable lady. Only a few days ago, Yun Canglan had suggested that Yang Gezhi offer porridge to the poor, but, Yang Tianyun did it before he could. She knew how to gain popularity.

It was turning out that Yang Tianyun was more intelligent than as she seemed.

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