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   Chapter 160 Yang Gezhi's Tenderness (Part Two)

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The disgust the man in black felt, deepened in his eyes, "If you don't want Yang Gezhi to be able to have support, Prince Ning, you better stop catching the girls from good families." He coldly warned Prince Ning.

Prince Ning smiled in an ingratiating manner as he said, "Okay, okay. I am at your command, Sir." But he thought, 'Damn your arrogance, when I ascend the throne, you will be the first to be killed.'

"Recently my Shuihuang Firm's shops located in Ling City have taken heavy losses, as did the Fengyun Firm. However, many people were seen at the rice trading company purchasing rice. Please investigate the matter with your forces to gather information, and Prince Ning, please have them do so carefully." He ordered the prince in a condescending manner.

He did not know it was the Fengyun Firm who caused the food shortage. He was not aware that what the Fengyun Firm lost were only fake and defective goods. Yun Xiang had replaced them with quality goods.

Prince Ning shamelessly replied in an obsequious manner, "Okay, Sir, yes, rest assured, Sir, you can rest assured."

The man rolled his dark eyes and asked, "The Minister of War and Defense is on your side? Causing Yang Gezhi a little trouble could keep him busy for a long time. Send some people, who can operate in complete secrecy, to mess up the Fengyun Firm's shops. Notify the Ministry of Defense and War in advance, and then destroy all those shops in one stroke."

"Okay, okay."

"For what?"


Prince Ning suddenly heard a piercing, constant and powerful sound ringing in his ears and he looked at the door horror-stricken. Seeing Prince Ning's reaction, the man in black turned around, and saw a person slowly strolling into the main room.

Yun Canglan walked leisurely, in a seemingly good mood. Her long black hair was casually held in place with a white hairpin; the red tassels on the hairpin were a symbol of her identity.

She took the White Jade Fan in her right hand, tapping it lightly on her left hand, as sedately as her slow steps toward them.

Identical twins walked behind her, their exceptional looks complimented their cold demeanor and had scared Prince Ning ready to kneel in submission.

Her dress and her demeanor, made her identity obvious. 'He cuts a fine figure of dressed in red. Hi

Yun Canglan stopped dodging, and looked at him over the men fighting; there was a suggestive smile on her face, "Mister Yao Xi, do you think I'd be foolish enough to court death, now that I've guessed who you are?"

Mister Yao Xi froze urging her, "What do you mean?"

Without acknowledging him, Yun Canglan tapped the White Jade Fan in an nonrhythmic manner on her left hand while yelling, "Come out!"

All at once, dozens of men were in the main room, materializing from nowhere. They were dressed all in black armor, with a small flame-red phoenix on the shoulder blades of their armor. They immediately joined in the battle, leading most of the enemies that were attacking Yun Qin and Yun Qi.

"They are Yehuo Liuxing." As soon as the men in armor appeared, Mister Yao Xi's face paled.

These men were the 72 Best Mercenaries. All seventy-two were rescued from the beggars by Yun Canglan when she was a child. Led by Yun Ri, they became the Yehuo Liuxing they were today. The seventy-two men here were the captains of the smaller troops that made up the Yehuo Liuxing. They were resourceful, skilled warriors, each as good as the sublime general. They could lead troops to battle. Moreover, in hand to hand combat, they were superior, and were among the best in jianghu.

If the Fengyun Firm was the funding for Yun Canglan to seize the world, the Yehuo Liuxing was the sword she wielded to conquer the world.

"Mistress." Yun Ri appeared behind Canglan silently, his voice cold but respectful.

"Kill them all."


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