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   Chapter 158 Three Men's Meeting (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5301

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Yun Canglan cast them a contemptuous look, because they knew where she was going when she left. Besides, the look on their faces told her they were up to something.

Yun Qin stepped forward, assuming the spot Xi Zhiyao stood. Yun Qi then quickly went and stood on Yun Canglan's other side, separating her from the three men who watched her coveting her greedily.

"Mistress, someone sent over several things just now. Would you like to take a look?" Yun Qi took something out as he spoke, so Yun Canglan had no real choice but look.

"Give it to me." She sighed, rolling her eyes as she took it. It was a tiny yet exquisitely carved box. Inside, she saw a beautiful silk scarf.

"Wow, a silk scarf, Mistress. Is it for the Blind Date Festival?" Yun Qin asked pointedly glaring at the three men, each of them had a different expression.

Yun Qi was beady-eyed as well, glowering at the men. He took a note from within the box and announced, "It's from Mister Wu Hen."

Yang Gezhi lowered his head sadly; Xi Zhiyao narrowed his eyes, and Qin Liuren entire deportment exuded a chill.

"There are two more boxes, Mistress. Are they silk scarves too?" Yun Qi asked as he produced two more boxes in his hands. They were not as ornate, but were both still pretty boxes. Yun Qin went ahead and opened them before Yun Canglan could take them. As expected, each box held a beautiful silk scarf.

Sharp-eyed Yun Qin found a small note in each box.

He snatched one note, deliberately reading it out loud, "I miss you, Yun'er. Liuyun. Oh, it's from Huo Liuyun, Mistress. What does tha

ren? Don't pine away for him."

"I don't know why, but, I feel heartbroken every time I see him. I ask myself, how is it that Yun Canglan allows this man to lead her around by the nose? Yun Canglan always loves deeply but can let go, until now. Now, she has met a man she cannot let go of."

Behind her, Yun Qi winked at Yun Qin, seemingly to convey something to his twin.

"Mistress, Shui Minghan and Huo Liuyun will likely come during the Blind Date Festival." They eventually commented, changing the subject.

"Why would they come here?" Yun Canglan frowned, feeling melancholy.

Yun Qin rolled his eyes, "Obviously, they don't want to give up and see the Blind Date Festival as an opportunity to get close to you."

"What about Tianyan's silk scarf?"

Yun Qin and Yun Qi paused. "You've seen it, Mistress?"

"It's not Tianyan's."

"Then, do you want one from Mister Yao Yan, Mistress?" Yun Qi was always straightforward, but this question was even more pointed.

Yun Canglan stopped abruptly, staring off into the distance vacantly.

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