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   Chapter 157 Three Men's Meeting (Part One)

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When Xi Zhiyao was feeling well enough, a servant girl assisted him in taking a walk. He was interested in getting a peek at the famous Beauty House of the Yu's Residence, and happened to meet up with Qin Liuren, who was roaming the grounds accompanied by Yue Ying.

Xi Zhiyao paused briefly before walking over and saluting him, "Emperor Feng, I'm glad to see you."

Qin Liuren had every intention of pretending to not notice Xi Zhiyao, after all, as the Emperor of the Feng Kingdom, it could be detrimental if it became known that he was residing in the Beauty House of the libidinous Miss Yu. It was rather unexpected when Xi Zhiyao walked right up and spoke to him.

Qin Liuren face was unreadable as he politely greeted Xi Zhiyao, "I'm glad to see you too. Are you feeling better, Prince Xiaoyao?"

Xi Zhiyao smiled, responding cordially, as though the two were in an ordinary setting having a normal, everyday conversation, "Yes, I am feeling much better. Thank you for coming to my aid."

"You're welcome! It was nothing really."

With the small talk finished, they became awkwardly silent.

They both possessed unparalleled elegance and noble status, but had different temperaments and interests.

At that point, they heard a voice as warm as the sun in spring, "What a coincidence, running into you two here!" An ever smiling Yang Gezhi said as he sauntered up to the them, wearing an ivory robe that made him stand out.

Xi Zhiyao and Qin Liuren turned their heads at the sound and saw that Yun Canglan was standing beside Yang Gezhi.

"Hello, Emperor Feng, Prince Xiaoyao." Yang Gezhi cupped his fists saluting them. Qin Liuren and Xi Zhiyao gave him a slight nod in return. The three of them did not

age, I wish you would take my scarf."

Involuntarily Yun Canglan's eyes darted to Qin Liuren. 'I see. He prepared that silk scarf for Yang Tianxin to recognize her in the crowd. The pity is, I have the silk scarf.' she mused.

"Oh." she quietly said. An indescribable, strange feeling flooded her heart, and she wondered if she could be experiencing jealousy.

Watching Yun Canglan take the silk scarf casually, Xi Zhiyao's face brightened and he asked, "Now, Yun'er, what about my sachet?"

Yun Canglan gave him a funny look, "Why do you ask me for it?"

"I gave you my silk scarf. So naturally, you should give me your sachet, that way, we can find each other during the Blind Date Festival." He watched Yang Gezhi and Qin Liuren quietly out the corner of his eye, catching their expressions.

"My sachet?" Yun Canglan froze for an instant before asking, "Do you think I know how to make one?"

Yang Gezhi nearly laughed but didn't want to humiliate Yun Canglan, so he stopped himself.

"Mistress, what are you doing out here? We've been looking everywhere for you, for a long time." Yun Qin asked as he and Yun Qi walked up to them.

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