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   Chapter 156 Pay the Rent

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 8094

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Early in the morning the Beauty House was abuzz once more. There were over thirty handsome men gathered outside the house, looking down, pointing at a man laying on the ground blood covering him but not bandaged.

Yang Lian and En Ying were the only two who said nothing, staring at the unconscious man, wondering if they should help him.

Qin Liuren came sauntering with Yue Ying. His presence was so dazzling that the crowd involuntarily parted for him, and he walked unimpeded over to Xi Zhiyao.

Qin Liuren was startled as soon as he glanced down. He recognized Xi Zhiyao.

"Yue Ying, take him to the Huiting Yard."

Almost at the same time, Canglan heard the news. She wondered why Qin Liuren had returned.

Yun Canglan immediately put her clothes on and headed straight to the Huiting Yard with Yun Qin and Yun Qi following, without taking the time to put her hair in a bun. En Ying stood in front of his yard, gazing fondly at Yun Canglan as she hurried past. Unfortunately, she didn't notice him, and he became saddened.

When Yun Canglan reached the courtyard, the physician that Qin Liuren called was nearly finished binding Xi Zhiyao's wound, and Xi Zhiyao was coming around. Entering the room, Yun Canglan glanced at the indifferent man sitting at the table and went over to the bed.

"He's not dead, is he?" Yun Canglan asked gently, looking down at Xi Zhiyao. The physician thought she was asking him, and quickly bent down to answer, "His injuries are serious but not life-threatening. Don't worry, Lady Yu."

Yun Canglan rolled her eyes at him, "Why isn't he dead?"

'He might as well have died.

No, he has my feather.' she muttered to herself.

"Yun Qin, check him."

Reluctantly, Yun Qin went to the bed to take Xi Zhiyao's pulse. Yun Canglan stood back a few steps, silently watching Xi Zhiyao who was laying on the bed.

"Is Prince Xiaoyao an intimate guest of yours as well?" Qin Liuren's icy voice held a mocking, contemptuous tone as he asked Yun Canglan. He blew gently on his tea before sipping it leisurely, and the aroma of the tea filled the room.

Yun Qi was furious. Qin Liuren's repeated insults were inexcusable, but Canglan was too stupid to allow him to teach Qin Liuren a lesson.

Yun Canglan turned slowly, and facing Qin Liuren asked, "Why haven't you left yet?" 'Hasn't the poison been removed from his body?' she wondered.

Qin Liuren slowly raised his h

in the Xiaoyou Yard and send several men to protect him." 'It's good he didn't die. I wonder what it is that he knows about the Shuihuang Firm.' she wondered.

"Mistress, do you want to keep him?" Yun Qin asked, his brow knitted. Somehow, Xi Zhiyao always made him feel uneasy.

Yun Canglan nodded, "Yes, I have something to ask him."

Yun Qi complained, "Mistress, there are no vacant rooms in the Beauty House. The tenth Prince is still there."

"Yang Gezhi lives in my yard. What does he have to do with the Beauty House?"

Qin Liuren abruptly looked up at Yun Canglan, his eyes reflecting his anger and a cattiness. 'She really is a woman of easy virtue.' he judged in his heart.

Yun Canlan turned her head, glancing sideways at him, and asked, "When are you going to leave?"

Qin Liuren was surprised and responded, "I'm afraid the poison hasn't been cleaned up, so I'll have to stay here for a few more days."

"I don't keep idlers, and since you're not my boy toy, you will have to pay rent." As she spoke, her pretty eyes glanced around the room. Not far away, on the screen, a white embroidered silk scarf was hanging that caught her attention. She walked over and picked the scarf up without hesitating, "Use this silk scarf to pay your rent."

A cold flashed in Qin Liuren's eyes. Yue Ying stood up to stop Canglan, "Miss Feng, you can't do this. It is..."

Qin Liuren quickly interrupted Yue Ying, "Since you like it, take it."

Yun Canglan's eyes darkened. Since a silk scarf was useless for a man, she knew it was meant to be a gift to Yang Tianxin.

"Thank you." she replied.

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