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   Chapter 155 Save Xi Zhiyao at Night

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 6028

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That night, Yun Canglan couldn't sleep. She was agonizing over someone in her dreams who was weeping and complaining, but, she couldn't see and didn't know who it was. She could only vaguely see a pair of sad and mournful eyes.

In the middle of the night, Yun Canglan woke up, put on her cloak and left the room taking care to not disturb Yun Qin or Yun Qi.

It was a clear, bright night and the waning moon hung low in the sky. Countless stars were shimmering above.

When the night wind blew, there was a chill, and Yun Canglan gathered her cloak, pulling it tightly to her. She looked off at the distant horizon, and despair and confusion seemed close.

Something bad was about to happen on this wonderful but somewhat bleak night. When the night wind blew, Yun Canglan caught the faintest whiff of the blood in the air. But she remained calm.

A man was gasping heavily in the dark, which was especially noticeable in the quiet night. He was unable to restrain himself anymore. Not far away, a shadow staggered out of the flowers, falling in Yun Canglan's direction. Yun Canglan caught him instinctively, looking at him in the moonlight. He had limpid eyes, and a handsome face.

"Xi Zhiyao?"

Yun Canglan was astounded to see Xi Zhiyao, Prince Xiaoyao of the Jin Kingdom laying there in her arms. She wondered what happened, how he got there, and why he was here.

A familiar fragrance greeted Xi Zhiyao, and when he heard the exclamation, he opened his eyes, surprised to see Yun Canglan. A thousand questions crossed his mind.

"What's happened to you?" Yun Canglan asked frowning. Xi Zhiyao was an intelligent man. How was it that he came to be so badly hurt?

Xi Zhiyao was in immense pain, but forced himself to stand and looked around cautiously before he asked, "Why are you

ightly to Yun Canglan with his left arm, he shivered and was barely able to lift his sword with his injured right hand.

"What secret do you know? Why must they kill you ?" "Don't you worry?"

"Worry? About what?"

"These men are selfish and unrelenting; they never let innocent people go. Don't you worry that they will hurt, or even kill you?"

"Not at all." As soon as Yun Canglan was quiet, the killers pointed their swords at the two of them. Xi Zhiyao met their attack and protected Yun Canglan in his other arm. Yun Canglan felt safe and was happy in Xi Zhiyao's arms. There was a shout, and two figures appeared. Their moves were as quick as lightning, and in the blink of an eye, all the killers lay on the ground.

Yun Qi walked up to Yun Canglan, joking, "Mistress, you forgo sleep to have a date here." Then he looked at Xi Zhiyao vigilantly, wondering who the man was.

"Mistress, who is he? Will he live in the Beauty House now too?"

Yun Canglan rolled her eyes.

She pushed away from Xi Zhiyao's arms, and stared at him, "Okay, now they are dead. Can you leave?"

Xi Zhiyao passed out.

Yun Canglan cursed, "Damn!" She scratched her head continuing, "Throw him out."

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