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   Chapter 154 En Ying Knows the Secret

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The carriage rolled slowly in through the back entrance of Yu's Residence and stopped smoothly in the courtyard of Yu Liuying. Yun Qi leaped down and carefully took Yun Canglan.

After helping with Yun Canglan, Yun Qin jumped down off the carriage and took Yang Gezhi from Yun Lie. Looking at Yang Gezhi's pale, unconscious face, Yun Qin decided, he didn't hate him as much. If not for him, Yun Canglan would be the one in this state.

Yun Canglan watched as Yang Gezhi was lifted from the carriage, and when she saw that he was going to be okay, she turned back slowly, only to see someone standing there in the path who was surprised and amazed at the people heading toward him.

"En Ying?" Yun Canglan wondered aloud. At that moment she realized she wasn't wearing her Yun Liuying disguise.

En Ying blinked as he stared at Yun Canglan, looking her up and down questioningly. He looked at the others, surprised to see Yun Qin and Yun Qi. It amazed him more seeing Yang Gezhi, who was being carried by Yun Lie and Yun Qin.

'Why do these people with remarkable temperament come here? Who are they?

How did they drive the carriage here?'

En Ying found it incredible.

"Miss Liuying." En Ying regained his composure and slightly bent his body in respect.

Yun Canglan narrowed her eyes thoughtfully. En Ying was a clever one; he had only recognized her by her unconscious words.

Yun Qi stepped forward, a murderous look on his face, ready to kill En Ying because he had seen through Yun Canglan's disguise, but Yun Canglan stopped him. Yun Canglan shook her head, telling Yun Qi to step back.

She walked over to En Ying, whose demeanor boasted of an aristocratic temperament even in his dark gray plain clothes, "Mister En Ying, you're unusually observant."

"I'm flattered. Please be generous enough to forgive the errors of my past."

"It's much too noisy outside, please, come in." Yun Canglan invited as she entered the courtyard, followed by Yun Qin, Yun Qi and Yun Lie.

Yun Qin carefully laid Yang Gezhi on the bed and took his pulse. Although he was not in danger, the excessive loss of blood had put him in a coma. Yun Canglan stood looking out the window, sad that Yang Gezhi was injured.

"How is he?"

Yun Qin reported, "He is fine, but he is comatose due to an excessive amount of blood loss. Fortunately, we still have some of the blood-enriching pills we made for you. He will be himself soon after he takes some pills."

Yun Canglan was reliev

n what Yun Canglan said, Yun Lie could say nothing. He could only give Yun Qin and Yun Qi a silent glare, warning them.

"Yun Lie, why were you there?" Yun Canglan questioned. Yun Lie turned to Yun Canglan as he spoke, "Yun Yu discovered the location of a branch of the Shuihuang Firm, and I keep watch on it. They sent many killers out today, and I thought they would target you, so I followed them. I had just come across Yun Qin and Yun Qi, when they launched their attack."

Yun Canglan's interest was piqued, "Yun Yu found their branch?"

Yun Lie nodded, "Yes, it's located in Prince Ning's Mansion."

Yun Canglan changed positions, laying on the soft chair, deep in thought.

So, Prince Ning was in cahoots with the Shuihuang Firm.

"Have you ever seen their boss?"

Yun Lie shook his head frowning, "Yes, but he is very cautious. He always wears a black cloak and changes his voice, so he sounds male or female at different times. Judging from how he breathes and his gait, I believe he must be a kung fu master."

"Prince Ning is obsessed with ambition. Continue watching his mansion. I'll avenge myself when it's time."

"What about Yun Xiang?" The Shuihuang Firm was the mortal enemy of the Fengyun Firm. What on earth was the Shuihuang Firm after, and why was the royal family involved? Did the Shuihuang Firm have loftier ambitions?

Yun Qi went and covered Yun Canglan up with a blanket. It wasn't cold, but there was a nip in the autumn air, "I told him what you said. Don't worry. He must have arranged everything."

Yun Canglan nodded and completely relaxed into the soft chair. She hadn't rested all day and was exhausted.

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