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   Chapter 153 Qin Liuren Leaves Yun Canglan to Sink or Swim

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 8309

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Yang Gezhi's eyes brightened.

"I want the Ling Kingdom. If you give me the imperial seal of the Ling Kingdom, you can follow me." Yun Canglan knew Yang Gezhi never tried to outwit others although he set her up once. Even if he could extricate himself from the court intrigue, he wouldn't be able to win.

Yang Gezhi looked at Yun Canglan, "As far as I know, you are not obsessed with ambition."

Yang Gezhi was sure he was right about that. Yun Canglan seemed to be a strong, resourceful, yet shy lady, who looked at the distant horizons with an eagerness to break through the shackles.

Yun Canglan sighed. Yang Gezhi's feather spread the first time they met, so she decided to tell Yang Gezhi the truth, "Have you ever heard of the prophecy of the Fire Phoenix?"

Yang Gezhi nodded, "Eighteen years ago, Fearless Armor uttered the prophecy, 'Fire Phoenix landed in the world with seven male birds accompanied. Feathers gathered together as water and fire mingled. Waves roared among heads as the world united into one.' But it has become just a legend after almost two decades."

"No, it's not just a legend." Yun Canglan turned back and stated flatly, "I am the Fire Phoenix."

Yang Gezhi stared at Yun Canglan shocked and not sure he believed her, "How is it possible?" Then he thought of something and said in amazement, "Waves roared among heads as the world united into one. That's what it means?"

Yun Canglan nodded and sighed helplessly, "Yes, I am the Fire Phoenix. When I was born, there was a flaming red phoenix on my chest. It's invisible normally, but it'll appear when I touch the blood. This phoenix has no feathers."

"Why not?" While listening to Yun Canglan, Yang Gezhi suddenly thought of something else and yelled, "Feathers?"

Yun Canglan smiled as Yang Gezhi was finally enlightened. "Yes, you have a feather birthmark on your left arm. Fearless Armor said, I have to find people with my feathers to help me unify the world, and you are one of my feathers."

Yang Gezhi recalled when he first met Yun Canglan as a child, the birthmark on his arm, which was tightly folded like a flying arrow, spread strangely. It was the shape of a feather, and as red as a blazing fire.

The second time they met, he was bullied, and he remembered his sleeve was torn. His birthmark fluttered under her touch.

Happily, he was one of the feathers she had been looking for. This would give him more opportunities to stay with her in the future.

"I become

ut he was gentle to Yang Tianxin and indifferent to her.

Yun Canglan was aggrieved. Would Qin Liuren remain indifferent if she died?

Yun Qin, Yun Qi and Yun Lie showed up suddenly, and she didn't have time to dwell anymore. Yun Qin removed his cloak and draped it over Yun Canglan's back. Then he went to work checking her wound. He wouldn't be relieved until he knew she was fine. Seeing the wound on Yun Canglan enraged him.

Soon, Yun Qin, Yun Qi and Yun Lie were covered in the blood of the attackers, who all lay dead on the ground.

"Mistress, are you alright?" Yun Lie asked gently as he put his Lieyun Whip away and strode to Yun Canglan quickly. The unpleasant smell of blood on her made him frown.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi rushed to her side, and they knelt on one knee, heads bent low as they apologized, "Mistress, we have failed to protect you. Punish us, we beg you." They left together, which allowed the Shuihuang Firm to launch an attack.

Yun Ri, Yun Lie and Yun Xiang would blame them.

Yun Canglan shook her hand, "Yun Qin staunched the blood. I am fine. Check Yang Gezhi though, Yun Qin. He took an arrow meant for me."

Yun Qin got up and went to Yang Gezhi. He carefully examined him, cleaned and dressed his wound. Yun Qi walked up to Qin Liuren slowly. There was a sinister look in his eyes, "Qin Liuren, you are very ungrateful! My Mistress risked her life to save you twice, and you stood here, doing nothing to help save her."

Qin Liuren raised his eyebrow in curiosity, 'Twice? No, she saved me once, and I saved her once in return. Since we're even, why would I save her? And why is there an ache in my heart?'

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