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   Chapter 152 Yang Gezhi Confesses His Love

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After leaving the Yunfeng Palace, Yun Canglan got in the carriage, leaned against the soft cushion, and yawned ungracefully.

Yang Gezhi stood in front of the carriage and looked up expectantly at Yun Canglan. Yun Qin walked up to him with a scornful look, "Do you want to get in the carriage? You should return to your palace, Prince Qingzhuo."

Because Yang Gezhi had schemed against his Mistress, Yun Qin would never forgive him.

Yang Gezhi, of course, knew Yun Qin's hostility, but he didn't care. He continued gazing up at Yun Canglan with hopeful eyes, "Thank you Canglan."

Yang Gezhi was now Prince Qingzhuo. Therefore, his mother's ashes could be buried in the Imperial Tomb, which was her greatest wish before her death. His desire to fulfill her wish was the reason he did everything he could to return. But when he got back to the Ling Kingdom, everything had changed. He had been a hostage and exiled for over ten years. There was no place for him in the Ling Kingdom, and he had been suppressed and outwitted at every turn.

However, Canglan was his savior, and he made a comeback.

He became a prince of the Ling Kingdom and his mother's ashes would be entombed within the Imperial Crypt. He felt like he must be dreaming.

Yun Canglan opened her eyes lazily and said indifferently, "You're welcome." She should not have forgiven him, but he had nothing. His father and his country had abandoned him. So, she helped him reclaim what rightfully belonged to him. After all, he was one of her Seven Feathers.

Besides, she could never forget that muddy little boy, holding a handful of clay, and crying for his mother.

As Qin Liuren and Yang Tianxin left the Yunfeng Palace together, they happened to make eye contact with Yun Canglan.

Yun Canglan cast an indifferent glance in their direction and rolled her eyes at them before she looked to Yang Gezhi, "Gezhi, how about taking a boat out, since we are here?"

Yang Gezhi was surprised, and his eyes brightened at Yun Canglan's suggestion. He scrambled up into the carriage and sat next to Yun Canglan quickly, afraid she might change her mind. He couldn't help but giggle excitedly as he stared at Yun Canglan.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi were disgruntled, "Mistress, you said you want to take a nap."

"Are you getting up on the carriage or not?"

Yun Qin and Yun Qi hurried to get on the carriage and drop the curtain.

Qin Liuren coldly stared at the closed curtains, and a weird feeling pricked at the corners of his mind as the carriage sped away. He slowly turned around after it had left.

"Tianxin, it's a sunny day, how about we take a boat out?"

Yang Tianxin was thrilled, "Great!"

The Fairy River was outside Ling City and was so named because people were said to see fairies flying past the river reflected in the waters. The Fairy River ran through the south of Ling City. People who lived in Ling City called it t

I can't compete with them. I'm willing to watch from a distance."

"You don't have to." Yun Canglan said lightly. She couldn't bear to refuse him, but she had to.

"A flying moth that darts into the fire must have the same mind." Yang Gezhi replied.

Yun Canglan looked at Yang Gezhi and asked seriously, "Great power is within your grasp now. Few people in the Ling Kingdom are able to threaten you. You have a high position, great wealth and great power. If you were to be with me, you'd lose everything and become a shadow. Are you still willing to be with me?"

"Yes, I am." Yang Gezhi firmly stated. High position, great wealth and great powerful were not what he wanted. He only wanted his true love.

"I have more than one man, including you, Huo Liuyun, Feng Gui, Shui Minghan, Lei Tianyan and Qin Liuren. Don't you care about that?" Yun Canglan asked.

Yang Gezhi looked down to conceal the bitterness, "I care bout that." He added in a light voice, "Huo Liuyun was your childhood sweetheart and you loved him. But he betrayed you and has lost the opportunity to love you, so did Feng Gui. I don't know much about Shui Minghan. Since he was with you, I guess he is in your heart. As for Lei Tianyan, I am guessing he is Mister Yao Yan? Is he the man who left your room in tears? I can tell he cares for you very much. I don't know the story between you and Qin Liuren. I have no advantage at all. These men are virtuous and talented people, so I care about them. Those with discerning eyes know their feelings for you, so I care about them. They are in your heart, but not me, so I care about them."

Yang Gezhi stared at Yun Canglan affectionately, "But I'm willing to accept everything, as long as you give me the chance."

Yun Canglan wanted to dodge the affection in his eyes. She still could not forget Qi Yuntian's hurt and ultimately his betrayal.

"Okay. I'll give you a chance." Yun Canglan said as she nodded.

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