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   Chapter 151 Seizing the Power of the Ling Kingdom

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Yun Canglan went over to the bed again and pointed at the dark red stain.

"You're not a virgin, right, Princess Tianyun?" Yun Canglan questioned.

Yang Tianyun looked pitiful with her face covered in tears as she nodded. Yun Canglan continued her questions, "And you lost your virginity last night, to Yang Gezhi, correct?"

Yang Tianyun lifted her head and looked at Yang Gezhi. Her gaze was both affectionate and sorrowful as she nodded in agreement again.

Yun Canglan's smile was indifferent, and her voice was cool and clipped as she went on with her interrogation, "Then, Princess Tianyun, can you explain why the blood on the bed is not human?"

It was obvious that the words rattled Yang Tianyun. Emperor Ling looked panicked too. Hearing Yun Canglan's words, Yang Tianxin yelled, "Lady Yun'er, that's utter nonsense. You say the blood on the bed was not human? What is it then? Is it chicken's blood?"

Sighing, Yun Canglan looked at Yang Tianxin, she was right this time, "You're right, Your Highness. It is chicken's blood."

Yang Tianyun was sitting on the bed, and raised her head slightly, lost in thought. Emperor Ling strode over to Yun Canglan, "Lady Yun'er, you are wrong! This isn't chicken's blood. It is Tianyun's virgin blood."

Yun Canglan gave Emperor Ling an oblique look and pointed out, "Really? Your Majesty, you seem to be quite adamant about that."

Emperor Ling was rendered speechless.

Yang Tianyun stood suddenly and was off-balance, so she staggered. She looked so helpless and was such a weeping beauty that any man who saw her would want to protect her. "Lady Yun'er, you cannot shame me like this. I'm innocent. I'd rather die to prove I am innocent than listen to your slander." After Yang Tianyun finished her dramatic speech, she tried to hurl herself into the bed pillar, but as she was, an observant, quick-witted servant girl close enough grabbed her.

"What do you think you are doing, Your Highness? Don't hurt yourself because someone insulted you. Please, don't frighten me like that, Your Highness." The servant uttered excitedly.

"Hong Er, a lady's reputation is the most important. No lady would condone being insulted like this." Yang Tianyun broke down crying in the servant's arms. After a moment of sobbing, she dramatically flung herself in front of Emperor Ling. She knelt there sobbing, "Father, I'm an undeserving daughter. I can only repay the love and care I received from childhood in the afterlife."

Yang Tianyun shove

has passed away."

Yun Canglan slowly walked to the soft bench to sip at the tea. Emperor Ling was worried to death and regretted having offended her. He sweetened the pot, "I'll also give him a fief of ten cities bordering the Can Kingdom."

Yun Canglan remained silent, and Emperor Ling added more, "I'll give him one-third of the Ling Kingdom's military power, and he will have the responsibility of guarding the Imperial Palace."

"Father!" Yang Tianyun shouted out loud as she didn't agree with Emperor Ling. She looked at him, face covered with tears.

Yun Canglan watched Yang Tianyun, and decided her actions proved that Princess Tianyun, the first beauty in the Ling Kingdom, was indeed important to the Emperor.

Yun Canglan was satisfied, "Emperor Ling, since you have shown your best sincerity, I accept on behalf of Yang Gezhi." She stood, slowly walked to Emperor Ling and whispered in his ear, "Please, rest assured that I'll keep your secret."

Emperor Ling went rigid and he paled as he stared at Yun Canglan with horror.

'That's impossible. How could she find out? This is the first time we've met or that she's come to the Imperial Palace. How much does she know?' Emperor Ling reviewed silently.

"Father..." Yang Tianyun called out to Emperor Ling discontentedly, bringing him back from his thoughts. Emperor Ling glanced sternly at Yang Tianyun before he turned to Yun Canglan and flatteringly said, "You are so polite, Lady Yun'er. We are a family now. There is no need to be so formal."

Yun Canglan wanted to deny his claim that they were a family, but she had admitted that Yang Gezhi was hers, so they were indeed a family.

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