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   Chapter 150 He Is Mine (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5558

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"Well, " Yun Canglan interjected, her voice was light, "Yang Gezhi was with me last night, and he returned home, at the Imperial Palace midnight. Did they meet and fall in love at first glance?"

Yang Gezhi made a face but quietly listened while he stared at Yun Canglan closely; his eyes were full of admiration, trust, and hopeful expectation. As long as Yun Canglan was here, he didn't care what he was accused of. Yun Canglan trusted him, and that was all he needed.

A ghastly expression crossed Emperor Ling's face.

"Lady Yun'er, this unfilial son of mine has grievously insulted Tianyun. Tianyun wasn't in love with him."

Yun Canglan casually went and sat in a chair.

Yun Qi went over to Yun Canglan and removed a tea set from his bag. He poured cold water into the pot and heated it using his internal force. The water was boiled immediately. A sweet aroma of water permeated the room, even without tea in the pot. Then Yun Qi took a pot with tea in it out of the bag. The tea was a rich golden color, as spun from gold, but unlike gold, it was flexible.

The people present who were royal members, recognized the tea. It was Golden Gentleman, the most expensive tea worldwide. More importantly, it was so costly, even the wealthy were not able to buy it.

As soon as Yun Qi added the Golden Gentleman tea to the water, the aroma went from sweet to a fresh one, reminiscent of a just and graceful gentleman.

Yun Canglan sipped her tea leisurely, ignoring those around her salivating.

"Emperor Ling, you said Yang Gezhi has insulted Yang Tianyun?" Yun Canglan cocked her head and lazily looked over to him at an oblique angle.

The Emp

t her and speculated, 'Qin Liuren is the only one unable to see your true colors.' She scoffed, "Did it the hard way? I like that!"

"What?" People were dumbstruck.

"If you like someone, you fight for them. When the kid gloves are ineffective, you need to get tough. Your Highness, am I right?" Yun Canglan shot Yang Tianxin a proud look. Although she didn't look look away to Qin Liuren, she knew she had shown her intentions clearly.

Qin Liuren's face remained a blank slate, but his eyes held a look of disrespect as he snorted arrogantly.

When he saw her earlier that morning, she had completely ignored him. He thought she had retreated in the face of the impossible. Instead, here she was playing a game of cat and mouse.

"" Yang Tianxin sputtered as she pointed at Yun Canglan, too furious to think of the words. Of course, she knew exactly what Yun Canglan meant. Yang Tianxin moved closer to Qin Liuren clinging to his sleeve possessively.

Yun Canglan ignored her. She rolled her eyes and turned around, "Since you don't believe my words, I will show you the evidences."

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