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   Chapter 148 Yang Gezhi Was Wronged

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The old Emperor turned to Yun Canglan and was entranced by her beauty. His old face lit up, full of vim and vigor. He was awestruck by Yun Canglan's striking appearance, and he didn't speak or move. He completely forgot his identity and self-cultivation, and the old Emperor was not at all behaving as an emperor. His infatuation with Yun Canglan was undisguised.

Yun Canglan knew the old Emperor was astonished by her beauty, and she looked down on him.

Yun Canglan didn't care for his disgusting look or the others' curious looks. She stepped forward to face the old Emperor and looking directly at him, she asked, "Your Majesty, how are you? I am Feng Yun'er."

The old Emperor only heard the words, "Feng Yun'er."

'Who is Feng Yun'er? She controls more than half of the world's economic lifeline. The royal members of the seven kingdoms might be noble, but they have to treat her as their equal or greater.'

The old Emperor dared not covet her. He looked at her seriously and tried to flatter her. Lady Feng hadn't recovered from the shock of her offending "Feng Yun'er." Lady Lin was surprised yet relieved. She was lucky had not offended Feng Yun'er. Everyone knew Feng Yun'er was the boss of the Fengyun Firm. What she had done in the Can Kingdom had spread throughout the world, and it was known that Feng Yun'er could be crude.

The old Emperor came closer to Yun Canglan and smiling said, "Miss Feng, I'm sorry I didn't welcome you earlier. Please, forgive me." Realizing this was not the proper place to continue their conversation, he asked, "I have something to deal with. Miss Feng, do you mind waiting for me in the Tianqian Palace? I will be just a few minutes." 'The boss of the Fengyun Firm is suddenly here. I should seize this chance. Perhaps she can help me develop the Ling Kingdom.'

Yun Canglan looked at him her expression unreadable as she explained, "Your Majesty, I am looking for your tenth prince, and I was told he is here."

The old Emperor was surprised. He snuck a covert peek into the Yunfeng Palace and when he looked back, he noticed the pieces of the plaque. His face was grim, he had a rough idea of why Yun Canglan was here. He asked, "Miss Feng, you know my tenth son?"

Yun Canglan smacked her shoulder, and she looked tired. Yun Qin realized she was acting, so he went to her asking, "Mistress, are you tired? Ask Yun Xiang to handle this, it's trivial, the insignificant, unimportant Ling Kingdom."

His voice was not loud, but, it carried, and anyone present could hear him. Lady Lin, Lady Feng and the others paled and looked panic-stricken. They all knew Yun Xiang. He was better known as Mister Zi Zhu and was previously regarded as the boss of the Fengyun Firm. He looked like a gentleman, but he could beat his enemy with a single move when the enemy was not prepared. Many firms were defeated. There was no doubt about his ability. He couldn't be incompetent, or how could he handle the day to day of such a large firm. Add to all that; he was the respected,

looking down, "I … I don't remember." There was sorrow in his eyes.

"Did you do it voluntarily?"

Yang Gezhi looked up at Yun Canglan and replied honestly, his voice sincere, "No."

Yun Canglan comforting him smiled weirdly, "I believe in you."

Those three words uttered by her, was like warm sunshine lighting up the sky and melting the cold and icy earth. Yang Gezhi laughed, his eyes shone with amusement. He felt stronger because of her trust.

He had been dreading Yun Canglan and if she would or wouldn't trust him. Yet, here she was, and after only two questions, she told him she believed in him. He thought, 'She trusted me. She said she believed in me.

No words are more precious than that.'

He ignored the others and gazed at Yun Canglan.

Yun Canglan leaned forward, stretching her arm out to him, "Stand up." Her voice may have been low, but it contained infinite power, and her request was more like an order.

Yang Gezhi acted as though he were possessed. He took Yun Canglan's hand, feeling contented at that moment, even if he had died.

Yang Tianyun was still crying, tears streaming down her face like a running faucet.

The old Emperor walked over to Yun Canglan and broached the subject of his son and the princess in a cautious yet conniving way, "Miss Feng, it is… not proper, isn't it? My tenth son has ruined Tianyun. What …? hhh''

Yun Canglan looked at the old Emperor indifferently, "Ruined? Your Majesty, you draw your conclusions too early."

The old Emperor hastily asked, "Why do you say that? There is...well....There, there is the blood that remained on the bed when he ripped her hymen. A lady's good reputation is most important for marriage. Since my tenth son ruined Tianyun, I. as their father should be the one to make this decision for them. Although Tianyun is adopted, I won't show a bias towards my tenth son."

'Won't show a bias? Tianyun, tenth son, which do you prefer? Isn't it obvious?' Yun Canglan ridiculed the old Emperor in her mind.

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