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   Chapter 146 I Believe in You

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Canglan was startled, her heart was pounding, and she froze. Yang Gezhi looked surprised. It was an incredible revelation! Wu Jin was in fact Emperor Qin Liuren of the Feng Kingdom. It seemed likely that Yun Xiang and Yun Qi knew Wu Jin's identity, since they were watching, unblinking, as if this were a show.

Wu Jin looked nervous for a moment, but then he stood taller, more rigid, with his chest out and prouder than before. His face was unreadable as he stared down at Yun Qin. He never considered his real identity would be known. He seldom left his imperial palace, so very few people had even seen him. It appeared that the powerful Fengyun Firm was good at collecting information.

"You... are Qin Liuren?" Yun Canglan's voice was low, and teetered with a hint of uncertainty, and she wouldn't have been able to describe what she was feeling exactly. There was a knot twisting in her heart, but, it was fear mixing with excitement, and happiness mingling with a bitter sensation that had her heart racing and skipping, and twisting all at once.

'This is Qin Liuren, Emperor of the Feng Kingdom, whose ability is beyond question. He will find out I am Yun Canglan, but…

Twelve years ago, Grandfather and the former Emperor of the Feng Kingdom agreed to marry me off to this man, Qin Liuren. Was it a joke? Or were they serious? Does Qin Liuren even know about it?'

Qin Liuren paused and then nodding his head, he replied frankly, "Yes."

"But, you said your name is Wu Jin?"

"Yes, Wu Jin is my nickname." Qin Liuren, also called Wu Jin responded in a forthright manner. It was the same as Lei Tianyan, who was also known as Luosui.

"Mistress, why are you still talking to him? You know now that he is Qin Liuren, don't forget this man is cruel and heartless. Mistress, everyone knows of his ambition, and now the Ling Kingdom is in danger."

Yun Qi was worried when he looked into Yun Canglan's eyes. He didn't see doubt and criticism, what he saw was a sort of happiness.


He looked over to Yun Qin, using their shared silent eye signals to ask whether or not to tell their Mistress something they knew about Qin Liuren.

Qin Liuren's eyes narrowed as he demanded, "Whether or not the Ling Kingdom was overturned, would have nothing to do with you though, right?"

Yun Xiang grinned, and sauntered over to Qin Liuren, "Do you mean to say you are admitting you are involved?"

"Why would I admit guilt to something I didn't do?" Yun Xiang glared at Qin Liuren, "Am I correct then to say that your relationship has nothing to do with the Ling Kingdom or us?"

Qin Liuren frowned but kept his mouth shut tight.

"You said you didn't do it? Only the spirits will believe your lie."

A low yet authoritative assertion grabbed everyone's attention, "I believe in you." It was as though the voice they heard washed over those arguing, stopping them like magic taking root.

"I believe in you." She repeated quiet yet firmly, looking into Qin Liuren's eyes.

The twins' disappointed sigh was in unison as they reflected, 'What matters is how inconsolable Mister Tianyan will be, not if you believe in this man.'

Qin Liuren found it challenging to keep his poker face, the shock of Yun Canglan's admission, had her words repeating in his head, 'I believe in

known the revenge he planned, "You are the Emperor of the Feng Kingdom, correct? Well, since you made our Mistress unhappy, you will pay a price! Your citizens will get no harvest for three years."

When they had all left, Qin Liuen felt strange, and an eerie silence settled in the Huiting Yard. He was lost in thought, and his long fingers were wrapped around the china bottle Yun Qin left for him.

Yang Gezhi caught up with Yun Canglan, but now, he didn't know what to say. So he silently followed her, paying close attention to her mood and expressions.

"What else did they say aside from what you mentioned earlier?"


Yang Gezhi repeated, not realizing right away that Yun Canglan was speaking to him.

Yun Canglan stopped in her tracks, looked back at Yang Gezhi and repeated her question, "What else did Prince Ning and the delegate from the Shuihuang Firm discuss?" Her sadness vanished.

Yang Gezhi stared at Yun Canglan surprised. He felt anguish seeing her forced smile and wondered. 'Why does she dote over a man who doesn't love her?'

Canglan noticed that Yang Gezhi's bright eyes a hint of sadness for her. She enjoyed his warm look and worried about his expression. Being loved made her happy even if she was unwilling to face his deep love.

Yang Gezhi saw her embarrassment and relieved her guilt by sharing the information he knew, "They discussed something about Blind Date Festival and an assassination. I was too far from them to hear them clearly."

His eyes suddenly lit up as it dawned on him, "Canglan, you believe me?!"

Yun Canglan faced him, "Of course believe you. Why wouldn't I believe you?"

"But I …"

"You used me because you were so eager to return home?"

"Yes, you are right. I wanted to return home." Yang Gezhi echoed, with happiness and excitement in his voice. Yun Canglan didn't look at him, she knew the handsome man was happy though.

'There is no need to make a fuss. He used me but he didn't know then that Feng Yun'er was Yun Canglan.

When we first met, I was only five and he was six years old. That same day his feather stretched. Isn't it obvious he loves me? I don't mind his plotting and I have forgiven him.'

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