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   Chapter 145 Yang Gezhi Delivers a Message

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 8696

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Yun Canglan rubbed her forehead to dull the ache from the headache she had.

"Yun Xiang!" she said through gritted teeth, "I told you to keep a low profile."

Yun Xiang grinned but said nothing.

Yang Gezhi stepped forward and looking Yun Canglan in the eyes, told her, "Canglan, don't worry, we were careful coming here, and nobody saw us."

He fawned over Yun Canglan, and spoke to her with utmost respect.

His smile was not the false one he usually wore; it was a genuine, heartfelt smile. As long as he saw Yun Canglan, he was happy.

Yun Canglan frowned as she asked indifferently, "Why did you want to see me?"

Yang Gezhi nodded, "I've got some very important information for you." He turned, but taken aback when he saw Wu Jin and Yue Ying; he recognized them, obviously, and bit back the words he wanted to say.

Wu Jin gave Yang Gezhi a cold look and praised him silently, 'His unusual beauty and demeanor live up to Mister Yang's reputation.' However, Wu Jin was uncomfortable seeing the affection and care in Yang Gezhi's eyes for Yun Canglan.

Seeing Yang Gezhi's hesitation and Wu Jin's indifferent attitude, Yun Canglan stated nonchalantly, "Your Highness, Wu Jin knows everything. It's okay. Just say it." Wu Jin knew she was Feng Yun'er. Given his capabilities, he would surmise her identity as Yun Canglan. There was no need for Yang Gezhi to conceal news from Wu Jin.

Yang Gezhi still hesitated a long time, unsure, before he looked at Wu Jin warily and then finally began, "Yesterday, while I was at the Imperial Palace, I happened to..."

"Who's there? Get out!" Yun Qin suddenly shouted.

The sounds of feet thudding across stone, became louder and heavier until suddenly a slim form stood in front of everyone.

It was the young man, Yang Lian.

He wore a light purple robe, standing there in a rather self-contained and stubborn way.

"Were you just eavesdropping?" Yun Qin asked angrily, eyes full of alertness. Yun Qi and Yun Xiang stood in front of Yun Canglan to protect her, and stared at Yang Lian.

Yang Lian stopped in his tracks when he realized he was under suspicion of something. He glanced at Yun Canglan through a gap between her companions; his face showed his embarrassment, as he hemmed and hawed before finally saying, "I'm...I'm thank you...for the clothes..."

Yun Qi grilled the man, "How long were you standing there?" Yun Qi wondered how much he had overheard. That added to the fact he had seen Mister Zi Zhu and Mister Yang, who were so well known that he must have recognized them.

As expected, when Yang Lian

, there would be no peace here either.

"Prince Ning." Yang Gezhi answered.

Wu Jin had a blank look, and raising his head looked over at Yun Canglan, who turned to stare back at him with an inconceivable expression.

The most powerful people of the Ling Kingdom were Prince Ning and his mother, Lady De. The fourteenth princess, Yang Tianxin, was born to the same parents and the younger sister of Prince Ning. Yang Tianxin and Prince Ning had a close relationship, and Wu Jin was engaged with Yang Tianxin...

Looking at Yun Canglan, Wu Jin felt a sudden ache in his heart. He kept a poker-face though and asked coldly, "You doubt me?"

Yun Canglan continued staring at him, speechless. Yun Qin and Yun Qi understood the situation, and stared angrily at the indifferent Wu Jin shouting, "Why did you decide to sidle up to our Mistress?"

Yue Ying panicked, moving to block the twins and protect Wu Jin from them. He jumped to explain, "My Master knew nothing. He came to the Ling Kingdom to meet Princess Tianxin. We didn't concoct any plots! Meeting Lady Yun'er and being saved by you was a coincidence."

"Yue Ying." Wu Jin's cold voice stopped Yue Ying from explaining further. He looked Yun Canglan in the eyes without blinking. He didn't feel it necessary to explain anything, since he hadn't done anything.

Yun Qin was even angrier and the accumulated aggravation he had bottled up over the past few days came rushing out, "You say yes but you mean no. You must have conspired against the Ling Kingdom. Is it because our Mistress was in your way, or because you planned on fighting against them alongside the Fengyun Firm? Qin Liuren, I know better than anyone else does that you are overwhelmingly ambitious!"

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