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   Chapter 142 Bird Eggs

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Prince Ning was pleased when he heard the painting was by Mister Night Phoenix. Mister Night Phoenix had a tremendous following and everyone worldwide thought his paintings were amazing.

While Prince Ning didn't know much about paintings, he believed it was good to have one on display at home for show.

"Really? Show me." He ordered. A servant took the box, and Prince Ning opened it and took a painting out. The moment he unrolled the painting, he was enthralled by, 'The Sunset, ' a true masterpiece.

He shouted excitedly, "It is Mister Night Phoenix's painting, haha. It's wonderful, wonderful!"

The elder son of the Grand Councilor laughed triumphantly and flashed it at Yun Canglan.

Yun Canlan stared glumly at the painting in Prince Ning's hands. The painting was a pirated version; in other words, a forgery of hers.

"Mister Night Phoenix? I know him." Yun Canglan said casually, raising her hand, attracting everyone's attention. There was scorn in Wu Jin's eyes when he glanced at her, then he drank and chatted with Yang Tianxin quietly. "I hear he's a very pretty guy. If only I could get him into my Beauty House."

Prince Ning had a look of distate at what she said. Yang Tianxin couldn't bear to look at Yun Canglan. She thought Yun Canglan was a tramp who humiliated the Ling Kingdom. Wu Jin acted as if there was no one in the room but Yang Tianxin. The rest of the guests were shocked and pale. In their eyes, it was normal for a man to fool around and keep women, but they had never considered a proper woman could play the same role as a man.

Prince Ning beckoned to the servant, "Put it away carefully." He said, handing the painting to the servant.

Yun Canglan, however, pushed Yun Qi suddenly and stood up, staring at the painting in the servant's hands, her eyes flashing, "Prince Ning, it is said that Mister Night Phoenix's paintings are hailed as masterpieces. Why not show us?"

Prince Ning raised a brow sardonically, "Oh? Lady Yu, do you know how to appreciate paintings?"

Canglan hid the sharp light in her eyes and smiled fatuously, "No, but I know how to see the beauty in paintings."


The others laughed scathingly at her words.

Prince Ning was determined to continue to despise her, "Well, I'm in high spirits today so I'll show you this masterpiece." Then he ordered, "Show everybody the painting."

"What a great painting!"

"It's magnificent. It contains Mister Night Phoenix's charm."

"The brushwork is smooth and looks as active as a speedy dragon. It's a technically proficient work."

"This painting is worthy of Your Highness."

... ...

Canglan grew weary of the incessant praise. Unf

f Yun Qin and Yun Qi; the others watched her, shock registering on their faces.

Then she sheepishly turned and smiled at the others, "Sorry, my men are careless sometimes. Go on with what you were doing, Continue, please." Everyone was dumbfounded.

"These are not legendary luminous pearls. Honestly, they are glowing bird eggs, merely, bird eggs. Seriously, I am telling the truth."

An open-mouthed Prince Ning watched Yun Canglan as she took those legendary luminous pearls she said were bird eggs, and stuffed them carelessly into the clothes of Yun Qin and Yun Qi one after another, gulping hard.

He was sure he saw legendary luminous pearls on the ground, not bird eggs.

The other guests looked at her resentfully, and Yun Canglan touched her nose saying, "Well, they are the legendary luminous pearls."

"Haha, people said the Yu's Residence was at the end of the line, I guess it turns out to be a rumor. I knew the most famous family of our country could not be paupers." Prince Ning smirked. Feeling a little embarrassed, his face took on a serious expression, but he didn't know what to say next.

Everyone else looked at Yun Canglan in a different manner, their eyes gleaming avariciously.

Canglan grinned, "Never mind, never mind. It doesn't matter if you know it's all a rumor. If my family had no money, how could I support so many men? Teehee."

Yang Tianxin's eyes remained full of contempt. It was not that she didn't covet her having the legendary luminous pearls. It was because she believed women needed to be quiet and reserved, even if it was all for show.

Wu Jin looked over at her a few more times, his deep eyes filled with doubts and questions as he tried to figure something out. Suddenly, he saw Feng Yun'er as he looked at Yu Liuying.

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