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   Chapter 140 The Suohun Array

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 9156

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After returning to Yu's Residence, Yun Canglan didn't go straight to her yard. Although she was tired, she had to supervise those workers.

She went straight to the Beauty House. Although it wasn't spotless, the mess was tidied up, and Yun Canglan could have a seat at least. Some men were still busy cleaning.

Since she was wearing Feng Yun'er mask, she didn't approach them.

"Yun Qin, remember those people working. They can leave tomorrow." Yun Canglan was always good to those who were obedient.

"Okay." Yun Qin replied softly while he memorized their faces.

"Let's go, I am feeling sleepy."

Yun Canglan turned, but stopped as she lifted her foot. Yun Qin and Yun Qi's vigilance was heightened, and they quickly stepped forward to protect her.

Yun Canglan didn't flinch, but she did sneer, "You're well informed. Since you're here, come out." She was now Feng Yun'er, and many people wanted to kill Feng Yun'er, but only the Shuihuang Firm had the resources to get news as soon as she appeared.

A man all in black came up from the left pointing his sharp sword at Yun Canglan. Yun Qi, who was standing on the left side of Yun Canglan fought the attacker.

At the same time, another five attackers, all wearing black, came at them from her right as well as in front of her. The intruders looked sinister as they pointed swords at Yun Canglan and battled viciously. Yun Qin took point, rushing to match their deadly movements, while Yun Qi circled back, so the brothers surrounded them, protecting Yun Canglan behind them.

The attackers coordinated with each other perfectly and fought fiercely against Yun Qin and Yun Qi. It was clear that they were well trained.

Yun Canglan calmly watched the fight and remained silent.

The feud between the Fengyun Firm and the Shuihuang Firm began three or four years ago when the Fengyun Firm rose from nothing to nearly dominating the economy across the two continents at a phenomenal pace.

The unusual concepts and unique business practices employed by the Fengyun Firm allowed it to quickly surpass the Shuihuang Firm, which led the unconquerable Shuihuang Firm to nurse a grudge, coveting the profits the Fengyun Firm enjoyed from the two continents.

Three years ago, they learned Yun Canglan's whereabouts from an unknown source, and they sent killers to send her off a cliff while she had an aching void in her heart. Over the past three years, they never stopped trying to assassinate her. However, she was good at hiding. As long as she didn't appear as Feng Yun'er, she didn't attract their attention.

Odd though, the assassins from the Shuihuang Firm found her as soon as she assumed her identity as Feng Yun'er. Moreover, there were many more murderers

"It's the mysterious Suohun Array. As there weren't enough people, I used the bleak rockery and poplar tree as replacements and activated the array with my blood. When the array is fully activated, it's much more potent than what you saw. Those who are trapped in the array are led into a world of illusion that is created and controlled by the person conducting the array. In other words, they're entirely at the whim and mercy of the guide.

In fact, the six killers were trapped in the array and plunged into an illusion where it was pitch black, and they heard weird sounds, and so, they killed each other out of fear."

"Clean up the mess here, or the people here at Yu's Residence will have questions." A sleepy Yun Canglan rested her head on Yun Qi's shoulder and didn't want to move anymore.

Yun Qin nodded and asked Yun Qi to take Yun Canglan back to her room. Then he went to find some people to remove the corpses in the yard.

Yun Qi took Yun Canglan back to her room, helping her to change and then covered her with a blanket. He was worried about Yun Canglan and wanted to decoct some medicinal herbs for her, but Yun Canglan stopped him, "Check whether someone saw what happened. The array I used is secret. If busybodies exaggerate what they saw, people will think I'm a monster."

People across the two continents did not know arrays. On the battlefield, people forced themselves to charge forward. When looking to their safety, people had to rely on strengthening their defenses. However, they were unaware of what Eight-Diagram tactics were.

Therefore, Yun Canglan couldn't afford to risk anyone seeing it. If she was deemed a monster, it would be impossible for her to unite the seven kingdoms.

Yun Qi nodded and left her to rest.

Yun Canglan closed her eyes and fell asleep right away.

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